How Pest Control Machine Works (Gastonia Exterminators)

January 7, 2020

Because of human intelligence, there have been breakthroughs that paved the way for higher technology. These are not limited to computers, televisions, and communications. It also accommodates advancements in pest control.

When we go to department stores and visit online shops, various sellers entice you to purchase their pest control machine. These tools are plug-in devices that are believed to be effective in eliminating pests in the household. Some of them claim that their machine can repel insects such as spiders, roaches, and rodents through a high-pitched sound. Others claim that their machine produces an electromagnetic field that hinders pests from entering your home. 

These products are quite enticing. But are they any good? Is it better than calling a professional exterminator near Gastonia?

But first, we need to assess the underlying reasons behind the need to create pest control machines. Here are some of the most common species of pests that invade homes in North Carolina:


These creatures may seem harmless. However, they are known to spread countless numbers of diseases in the household. We all know that ants forage in the dirtiest place on Earth. It is no surprise that they bring the bacteria with them.

In addition, there are ants that pose harm to human beings when they bite. Ants such as the Bullet Ant and the Fire ant are very aggressive species. Their bite causes so much pain that most cases are brought to hospitals for treatment.

According to entomologists, male ants live only for a few weeks. They die after mating. Worker ants, however, can live for several months. The queen lives the longest among all of them. Under good conditions, it could live up to decades.


Termites are known to be the most destructive pests around. It is responsible for more than 1 billion of yearly household damage in the United States alone. These creatures can grow up to 1 inch long and can live for up to 2 years. 

One amazing fact about termites. They never sleep. These pesky creatures keep working. Imagine how much damage they can cause in 2 years at this rate. 

Another fact, did you know that these creatures are blind? Despite their inability to see, they can still detect the weakest points of your house and work their way from there. 


Cockroaches are regarded as versatile. This may come as a shock but they can live a month without food. However, they cannot live for days without water. These creatures are hydrophilic. The one thing that attracts them into your home is moisture. 

These creatures spread harmful diseases to mankind. This is why their existence should not be tolerated in the household. They can grow up to 50 cm and weigh about 50 grams. 

A quick tip: If you want to get rid of roaches on your own, use baking soda, diatomaceous earth, and boric acid. 


Rodents are actually beneficial to the environment because they promote balance in the ecosystem. These creatures only become pests when they cause structural damage and physical distress. This is one of the main inspirations for creating a pest control machine since they are difficult to get rid of.  


Fun fact, despite the name, they do not craw into human ears at night. These creatures are brown-black in color with pinchers just like an ant. They also love moist and loves feeding on cardboard and fruits. These creatures can live for more than 1 year under good conditions. They can grow up to 16 millimeters and can weigh up to 4 grams. 


Fleas are our number one enemy in caring for our pets. There are four kinds of fleas, the Human Flea, Cat Flea, Squirrel Flea, and Dog Flea. These creatures cause irritation and skin diseases to their hosts. According to scientists, these pests also cause anemia to animals. Although the probability is rare, it happens when the infestation is too much for the animal to handle. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are prevalent in the United States. According to statistics, 1 of 5 American households experiences a bed bug infestation in their home. Its infestation is not only limited to households but also theatres, restaurants, hotels, even grasslands. So, be extra careful when you go places. You never know what you can bring back.


Mosquitoes are known to be the deadliest vectors in the world. A vector is an insect that can transmit viruses, parasites, and bacteria directly to human beings. Mosquitoes transmit dengue, malaria, zika, yellow fever, and encephalitis among many others. It is apparent that we prevent these creatures before they cause major trouble to the family. 

Are Pest Control Machines Effective? 

According to scientists, pest control machines are effective but only for a short period of time. Further testing and improvements are needed to enhance its effects on pest management. 

The US Department of Agriculture and the National Wildlife Research Center conducted a study in 1995. It turns out that the effects of the pest control machine tend to wear off after a few days. This is because pests are resilient too. They eventually adjust to the pain brought by the pest control machine. 

In another conducted by the University of Arizona in 2015, they concluded that pest control machines are not that effective in managing pests indoors. In fact, in 2016, the New York Attorney General’s Office sent cease and desist letters to different manufacturers of pest control machines. This is because of prevailing consumer reports claiming that these machines do not work as well as the sellers advertised. 

Up to this moment, there is lacking evidence that the pest control machine has a significant effect on pests in households. 

If you’re thinking of purchasing an electronic pest control device, it would be better if you match it with these simple methods: 

Regularly Place Traps

Best results come from regular administration of traps such as boric acid traps, baking soda traps, and diatomaceous earth traps. There are millions of other ways to create a trap but it is the administration that matters. To learn more, check our articles for the guides in creating pest traps. 

This method is effective to make sure that they never make it out alive and they never come back. 

Close any Possible Pest Entryways 

Look for any ridges, holes, crevices, and broken shingles. Seal all of these to prevent any more pests from entering your home. Proper house management is necessary to add protection to your home. 

Clean, Clean & Clean Again 

Regular cleaning is necessary to make your home unattractive to pests. Especially after eating, make sure that you clean every stain and crumb from your dining area. Wash the dishes properly and remove any dirt from the drain. 

Do not forget to wipe the stove, the table and the compartments.

Secure the lids of soy bottles, ketchup bottles, and many more.

Make Your Home Less Humid 

As we have discussed, many pests are attracted to moisture. This is one of the reasons why we need to keep the humidity at a minimum. Fix leaky pipes and wipe excess water from the sink and floors. 

Check any items coming into your home

Bed bugs are known for latching themselves to your clothing and groceries. Before you enter your house, make sure to check your clothing and shoes for any pest. 

Are Pest Control Machine Repellers Harmful to Humans?

These electronic pest control machines rely on electrical current to produce the ultrasonic noise that is claimed to confuse, irritate, and drive off pests. This means that the device needs a power outlet to work. The installation itself could cause an electric shock. And it could be a potential fire hazard at home, especially when it is unattended. 

 If you have pets at home, the sound could trouble them as well. This is why the use of pest control machines is not recommended by experts. Do not be fooled by the constant advertisements by sellers of pest control machines. These may cause more harm than good to your family. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), exposure to the ultrasonic noise caused by the pest control machine can cause the following symptoms: 

1. Tinnitus

2. Fatigue 

3. Sleep Disturbance

4. Headaches

5. Dizziness 

6. Nausea 

Be careful in using these products. Children and teenagers are more commonly to experience these symptoms especially when it is emitted at night when they are asleep.

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