How Pest Control Works? (Wake Forest Exterminators)

April 24, 2020

Due to the alarming cases of pest damages and pest-associated illnesses, it’s no surprise we look for a pest control professional to eliminate the problem. However, choosing a reliable company could be difficult, knowing how devious people are these days. In North Carolina alone, there are numerous pest control companies to choose from. So, how do you know which one is the best? 

Choosing A Reliable Service Provider

Here’s a simple guide on how to choose the right pest control company for your home:

1. Credentials and licenses. This is the number one factor to consider in choosing a pest control service. Before deciding, check their credentials and licenses. They must be registered as professionals. If not, there’s no way to trace them if you have concerns. For all you know, they are cons out to get your money.

2. Experience. After you see their credentials, check their experiences. The more experienced, the better. This means that people patronize their services because of high-quality service.

3. Reviews. However beneficial it is to check the years of service, you also need to check the reviews. Long years of service does not always mean good service. There are still newly-established companies who provide excellent pest control. So, why don’t you combine both factors and assess which company suits your preferences?

4. Professionalism. Professionalism is not only limited to courtesy. It also entails honesty and reliability. A pest control professional should be honest in his assessments and prescribe methods of pest control based on the need. Some companies prescribe the most expensive services even for minor infestations. This is why you need to assess your choices meticulously. You don’t want to spend money on additional services you do not need.

5. Customer Service. Another factor to consider is their patience to answer your queries and concerns. Some companies do not contact their clients after the service. When something goes wrong, it’s difficult to get a hold on the professionals. This is something you need to avoid. If you have questions, the company should answer them professionally. Let’s face it, not every one of us have sufficient knowledge about pest control. That’s why they have customer service to explain to you what needs to be done, including its pros and cons.

6. Affordability. Each of us has financial responsibilities in the household. But this should not stop us from getting the help we need. In looking for a pest control company, affordability is a strong factor to avoid financial problems in the future. Look for reliable pest control services that offer the best deals.

7. Safety of Methods. The last but not the least factor in choosing a company is the safety and reliability of their methods. The World Health Organization has a strict directive to limit the use of harmful chemicals. Pest control companies are not exempted from that instruction.

Considering the harmful effects caused by pesticides, pest control companies should only use it as a last resort when all other methods fail.

If you’re looking for pest control companies that meet all these factors, check Wake Forest exterminators. I’m sure you can find reliable and affordable services there.

How To Prepare For Pest Extermination

Once you have chosen a pest control company, it’s time to prepare for extermination. Professionals recommend these simple steps before implementing methods of pest control. These ensure more effective services to eliminate pests.

Without further ado, here are the necessary steps to prepare your home for a pest control service:

Cockroach Control

Roaches are very disturbing insects. Apart from their hideous appearance and their nature to fly towards people, they also bring illnesses. Did you know that they are responsible for Salmonella, E.coli, Dysentery, Leptospirosis, and other illnesses? If this does not alarm you, I don’t know what will. Having these pests at home will put your family’s life at risk.

Pest control professionals often use baits and pest barriers to eliminate cockroaches in households. They pinpoint the entryway and source of roaches to know where to concentrate baits.

To prepare for a cockroach control service, here’s what you need to prepare:

1. Declutter your closets. After the professionals have lain their baits, they cause frolic to cockroaches. This ensures that more insects will fall into the trap. If your closets are full of clutter, roaches have more areas to hide making it difficult for the professionals to eliminate them once and for all. 

2. Set aside breakable and fragile materials. Breakables limit the movement of pest control professionals. This buys time for roaches to run away. To give the professionals sufficient space for extermination, set aside breakables for the duration of the service. This way, they can move freely without worrying that they might break your belongings. 

3. Store food and utensils in secure areas. When professionals cause frolic, you wouldn’t want the roaches to crawl all over your food and utensils. Before the service, gather your food and other related accessories. Store them in tightly-sealed containers to prevent contracting any disease from these pests. 

4. Do an initial cleaning. If possible, conduct a general cleaning of the house. This helps to eliminate the food source and potential hiding spots of roaches. During the cleaning process, the roaches are forced to hide in the darkest and most unused areas of your home. These are exactly where the professionals will apply the necessary methods for pest control. 

Flea Control

Fleas are one of the worst enemies to deal with! We hate it when they infest the coats of our beloved fur babies. Many people think that having pest infestations is a petty problem. Wait until it gets worse, and you'll see why people are eager to call local pest control services.

In extreme numbers, fleas will not only target pets but also human beings. If you have infants and toddlers at home, infestations could put them in danger. Fleas can cause acute dermatitis and tapeworms to humans and animals. If this alarms you, here's how to prepare for a flea control service:

1. Wash pet bedding. Before extermination procedures, segregate all pet bedding and toys. Wash them thoroughly using strong detergent and water.  After rinsing, dry the accessories with high heat to eliminate and kill eggs and larvae. Leave it in a secure space until after the pest control process. If you don't do this before extermination, the flea eggs that survived on the bedding and toys will start a new wave of infestation.

2. Eliminate fleas from your dogs. This is an important step before pest control. The professionals are not responsible for eliminating the existing fleas and flea eggs on your pet's fur. They focus on pinpointing the source in eliminating the pests indoors and outdoors. There are any fleas left on your pet, they will lay new eggs and start another infestation. You can use oral preventatives, spot-on treatments, and many more for flea elimination on your pet's fur. Consult your vet for the best products.

3. Eliminate Clutter. The clutters in your home service possible hideouts for fleas. If you want to get rid of them for good, declutter your home before the pest professionals arrive. This gives them the space they need during extermination for a more effective process for pest control.

Rodent Control

This is one of the most common services sought by professionals. This is because of the damage and illnesses that rodents bring to the family. Did you know that they are responsible for 25% of house fires in the United States alone? Not to mention they cause several millions of damage to properties and belongings.

Apart from these, rodents also bring illnesses to human beings such as Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, and Hantavirus. Recent news in China states that a man died from Hantavirus. Although this is not contracted through human-to-human contact, anyone who experiences rodent infestations can acquire the disease.

To prepare for a professional service, here's what you need to do:

1. Seal possible entryways. Professionals typically use baits to eliminate rodents such as rats and mice. For them to catch every pest, you need to seal every hole where they can exit. Rodents are cunning creatures. Once they see human activity, they are more likely to take off.  You need to prevent this from happening or else they will come back when the extermination is done.  Sealing every entryway will push rodents into the traps since they have no way to escape. Besides, this also helps prevent any more pests from coming inside. Depending on the severity of the infestation, the professionals will recommend follow up procedures after a week or two.

2. Declutter your floor and compartments. Since professionals use baits, they need a wide space to set their traps. If your floor and compartments are full of clutter, rodents have someplace to hide. Instead of running and falling into the traps, they prefer to sit tight and wait for the exterminator to finish. Plus, if the floors are full of clutter, the exterminator has a limited space to work. This will inhibit them from setting traps properly which could badly affect their processes.

Choose Only The Pest Control Services With Great Reviews

If you're looking for a pest control company that uses low-impact methods for pest management, contact Go-Forth Pest Control. This company prides itself on using environmentally-safe methods that are proven safe for people and pets. Depending on your pest problem, the exterminators will apply the methods recommended by the manual. For minor infestations, they usually set baits and traps. But for severe infestations, they might use pesticides for a more effective process. For the ultimate pest control elimination and protection, contact them now and get the best deals! 

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