How To Ant-Proof Your House

June 8, 2020

Seeing ants bringing back foods back to their nests or colonies will amaze you. With their small bodies, they can carry and store food that will sustain them for days or weeks. Because of the hardworking nature that ants have, you’ll never imagine that they can infest your home.

Ants are tiny insects that will invade your property. They come in several species and some of them turn into pests. Ants will come into homes or business establishments to forage for food and moisture. The worst-case scenario is when the pest decides to stay forever and with this, they’ll build colonies right outside of your home which will be easier to access the inside of your house without problems.

When ants infest, it can lead to infestation because they come in large numbers. You may see a few but what you didn’t know is that others are hiding in your property or are busy in their colonies. With this, you need to get rid of ants as quickly as possible because they might overwhelm your house, family, and pets!

In times of ant season, you can never stop the pest from infesting. If you want to keep your house free from any species of ants, what you need to do is to ant-proof it.

Here are ways to make it happen.

Identify Ant Species

Eliminating ants becomes hard when you can’t identify the right species of ants in your property. There are thousand species of ants but not all are pests. Only a few are vermin and these are red fire ants, carpenter ants, and black odorous ants. When these species are in your property, you start to worry because an infestation will follow. If you want to have an ant-free home, proper identification is the key.

Though ant species may look the same, eliminating them does not work alike. Carpenter ants are the hardest ones to eliminate because they infest structures. They don’t eat wood but they will destroy any wooden structure or foundation for them to create nests. With this, they are destructive as termites which means you will have to spend more money on repairs! Pest identification is very important as it is the first step for successful pest control. 

Get Rid Of Entry Points

One way to get rid of ants and keep your home ant-free is by removing entry points. Due to the small size of ants, you can never stop them from entering your home and they will usually come through available entry points such as cracks, gaps, holes, and spaces. Even small openings can help the pest to invade your home. That's why you need to seal these entry points once you find them. Tightly blocking these will prevent ants from entering as they will not have any opening to pass through.

You should check your house for possible entry points from walls down to floors to ensure that the pest will not have a chance of invading. Make sure to use a strong sealant like plaster, silicone, or glue because weak sealants can open up over time. When this happens, ants can re-enter your home and continue their infestation. Seal the entry points in windows and doors to stop ants from entering. When you get rid of openings in your property, you are not only avoiding ants, but other pests as well such as cockroaches, termites, rodents, and mosquitoes.

Store Food Properly

Ants come to properties because they search for food. They store food in their colonies especially when the winter or rainy season is about to come. The pest will visit the kitchen which is a heaven for almost all pests. In your kitchen, food sources are available and with this, ants will not hesitate to spend a day inside. The pest will forage for food and don’t expect them to open your fridge but they will go to floors, tables, countertops, sinks, and surfaces where food crumbs or residues are available. Foods or goods that you store in plastics or boxes will be targets for ants as well.

If you want to ant-proof your home, make sure to store food properly. You have to put dry goods inside airtight containers to avoid ants from contaminating it. Also, you should keep your food inside the refrigerators especially fruits. Exposing foods on pests will be a feast for them. Make sure that you properly store foods to stop attracting pests like ants.

Keep A Clean House

Pests like ants are attracted when your home is messy and dirty. When they find out that food sources are openly available or if moisture is building up, they’ll immediately come and infest. If you want a house that will not be home to ants, keep it clean as possible. You should remove food sources and water sources so that the pest will not come. You should wash dirty dishes, mop and sweep floors to prevent ants. Wiping surfaces is a must so that attractants will be gone.  You also have to vacuum your place regularly as it helps in removing possible foods for ants. By vacuuming, you can remove the missed crumbs and with this, there’s no reason for the pest to come into your home.

Eliminate Ant Trails

Do you keep seeing trails of ants in your property? That’s a major sign that they are in your property infesting! The pest creates ant trails where it leaves pheromones for other ants. The trails will lead others to their food sources in your property. Ant trails will be evident especially if an infestation is already happening.

If you want to have an ant-free home, better eliminate the trails so that ants will not have a chance of finding food on your property. You can wipe it off using water and vinegar as the strong smell of this mixture is what the pest hates. You can also put baby powder or chalk to stop the pest from finding trails or the pheromone left behind. Also, before you get rid of the trails, follow it first to find its source so that you will know where to do elimination.

Hire An Ant Exterminator

If you have already tried ant-proofing your home yet the pest keeps on coming, what you need is professional help already. An ant exterminator is best recommended when your ant problem is worsening. You may have kept your house clean, stored food properly, or even got rid of ant trails still the issue lingers, an ant exterminator can resolve it for you.

An ant exterminator is highly trained and knows everything about the pest–from species down to eating habits. An exterminator will be able to eliminate the pest in your home because he knows where to find the source.

With an exterminator, your goal to have an ant-free home is never far from happening as proper treatments are used which are effective not only in killing live ants but even the entire colony. When queen ants are eliminated, expect that the number of ants in your property will decrease as well.

What To Do When You Have Ants

Ants are among the peskiest pests that will infest your home. They will come when you least expect it. They don’t usually create nests or colonies inside properties but once they do, you have a serious infestation to face. When you have done all ant-proofing yet the results are still the same, you should immediately seek the help of an ant exterminator near Greensboro, NC.

Pest control is the only solution to your ant problems. Though DIY pest control works, professionals are more recommended as they are familiar with the pest and have access to the right equipment and treatments that non-professionals cannot get.

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