How To Exterminate Gnats In Your Home

January 4, 2019

Destroying house gnats is not a simple task as many think. You should have a strong will and skill for extermination. Although, there are some simple steps you can follow. Check them out below!

Effective Methods To Eliminate Gnats

Gnats sure know how to spoil your mood. They are just annoying and removing them is a double frustration. They fly around freely and are almost invisible. Not to mention, they multiply quickly. Imagine having numerous of these pesky creatures deterring your day-to-day activities. Definitely, a big NO! Make sure to follow these methods without sacrificing the safety of your home and your family.


Apple cider vinegar is one of the most tried and true methods to eliminate house gnats. Add a couple of drops of liquid dish soap in it. Do the mixture in a tall jar. Fasten a piece of plastic wrap onto it using a rubber band. Then, poke some holes in the plastic.


If homemade gnat traps do not work, you might consider using an insecticide specifically labeled to use for gnats. Read the product label carefully, from the list of ingredients to the directions. Ensure it has been EPA-registered.

Fogging Products

Particularly those who deal with large infestation area, fogging sprays are the best option. Among the popular products available are The Hot Shot Insect Fogger (indoor fogging) and The Burgess Insect Fogger (outdoor fogging).

Remove Plants That Attract Gnats

Gnats are very drawn to damp soil, and that is where they lay eggs – up to 800 eggs in a single breeding cycle! This can be a major problem. If you notice some gnats occupying your plant, place it outside away from your house. Do some cleaning until the pests are no longer attracted to the plant. Otherwise, put your plant in a new soil pot.

More Natural Solutions

Cannot stand the smell of apple cider vinegar? Red wine could work just as well. Make it more luring to gnats by putting a piece of banana inside the jar.

Throw Out Spoiled Foods Properly

Aside from plants, gnats are extremely eye-catching to rotten food as well. They mostly like vegetables and fruits. So, make sure to remove spoiled foods because they might have already laid their eggs on it. Do not just dispose of it, but throw it far away from your home.   

Call An Exterminator

If none of the above works or you simply want to ensure the safety of your family and property, call Go-Forth Pest Control to investigate and do a proper treatment. They know how to remove house gnats and will assure that your problem is handled quickly and efficiently. Now you know how to exterminate gnats in your home. Keep it up! If your first try was not able to deliver result according to your expectation, try again in a day or so. However, you may consider calling a professional exterminator to help you out. Go-Forth Pest Control is your best option. The experts can eliminate house gnats permanently for safe, happy living.

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