How To Exterminate Termites In Your Home

January 9, 2019

The longer termites stay in your house, the more damage they will do. Stop them from giving you frustrations and headaches with our simple and effective proven methods below!

Seeing termites in your home means calling for action. Crawlspaces, slab foundations, and wood touching the dirt around the property are among the three main areas related to termites. They can eat through plastics, drywall, foam, thin lead sheet, wood, and plants.

So, how to remove termites from distressing you?

Boric Acid

Also called Borax, Boric acid is one effective method for eliminating termites. It is widely available and can frequently be bought in powder form. Add some scoops in an empty spray bottle together with water.

Beneficial Nematodes

These are microscopic worms that eat a variety of pests in the garden. Beneficial nematodes naturally eat termites as well. They are best utilized for subterranean termites and must be planted as near to the termite mount as possible.

Diatomaceous Earth

It is the fossilized remains of diatoms, known as small aquatic organisms. Diatomaceous earth is completely non-toxic, hence safe to use for those with pets or small children living with them. Sprinkle the substance in areas where termites occur.

Professional Treatment Methods

Many termite treatment methods could only be implemented by certified experts because of the dangerous chemical usage and equipment cost. And if you consider getting professional help, look no further than Go-Forth Pest Control. The method of treatment they deliver depends upon the species of termite.

Cardboard Traps

Dampen some cardboard and place it in an area where termites are active. Dispose of the cardboard when they gather on it. Afterward, burn the box or cover the pile of cardboard used in a particular insecticide.

Liquid Termite Barrier

This method is a surefire way of killing termites and acts as a great preventative measure against new termite infestation. However, the idea might not be safe to your little munchkins and pets.

Direct Chemical Treatment

The nozzle of chemical treatment will allow you to shoot the foam in voids and areas that are difficult to reach. Termites are guaranteed to leave your home for good.

Poisoned Bait

If you're not really that comfortable having gallon of pesticide being sprayed around your home, then you might want to consider investing in a poisoned bait. It aims to attract termites, spreading back the poison to the colony.

Cedar Spray

A more natural killer or deterrent against termites. The scent of cedar spray is enough to power cut the breathing system of termites. You can buy one at a local store in your area.

Essential Oil

Substances such as neem or orange oil can help you remove termites too. It tends to kill the insects by preventing them to shed their shells or lay eggs.

Termites can cause serious damage to property. Hence, it is crucial to have your house inspected and treated for termite infestation by a specialized pest control company. Go-Forth Pest Control is the way to go!  

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