How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

December 4, 2018

Fleas are extremely irritating and itchy. Though most of the time they solely feed on furry mammals such as pets, but can you imagine that they can also feed from your after they’ve fed on different animals. Well, it’s true. Most of us are often unaware of the ways we are bringing in fleas into our houses. And well, we only find out once they have already bitten into our skins. You’ll most likely find yourself bitten by fleas on your ankles and feet especially if you have a flea infested space in your home.

Rid Your Cat Of Fleas Fast!

When fleas bite on the skin of its hosts, it leaves off a small amount of saliva which happens to prevent the blood from forming into a cloth and allowing them to feed on more blood. When the flea is finished feeding, this saliva causes the itchy reaction on the skin of the host. What makes it worse is that some people and even pets can be allergic to the flea saliva which can cause an even more dangerous reaction to them. For example, a pet with a severe allergy to a flea saliva can lose it’s hair that can ultimately cause its skin to scab. Which leads them into having a skin infection as well which means more itching and more bad odor for the pet.

Pets can also be so allergic to fleas that even just one bite can cause excessive itching and well soreness of the skin. If these types of things are left untreated, the allergies can in the end cause serious skin infections that will be uncomfortable for the pet and difficult for the owner to treat. Since fleas feed off greatly on mammal blood, this can cause their host to become anemic and in the end show very low red blood cell count which can cause other serious illnesses. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely uncomfortable, it can also lead to other secondary infections such as intestinal tapeworm and the like. There are ways however in order to treat fleas on your pets especially on your cats.

Bathe Your Pet

This is the very basic step in order to help soothe the flea bites on your pet. We advise that you use oatmeal shampoo as this is very effective when dealing with pests and the like.

Use Benadryl 

While you may think that this substance can only be used for humans, you are wrong. Benadryl can also be used to cure itch problems for pets. Remember though to apply only enough dosage to treat it.

Use Topical Ointments & Sprays

These items can also be very helpful in eliminating the fleas on the skin of your pest. And ultimately, we advise the you clear your environment from fleas and any other pests. Call in our team of pest control experts at Go-Forth Pest Control and let us provide you the environment that you and your pet solely needs.

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