How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs

December 4, 2018

Fleas are just one of the worst pests there are! Just a little bit more information about them, they are small blood-feeding parasites that like to prey on furry mammals including your pets at home! If you so happen to find yourself and your pets scratching your heads more often than you should normally be, then you’ll probably have to check if you’re dealing with fleas.

Rid Your Dog Of Fleas Fast!

If you think you might be dealing with a flea infestation, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed below four steps on how you can get rid of these pests from your home and pets.

Understand What Type Of Pest You Are Dealing With

Consecutively, the life cycle of a flea starts with being an egg, a larva, a pupa and an adult. Fleas only start to become troublesome when they become adults and learn how to feed on hosts and lay eggs on their hosts. Once a flea lays eggs on its host, the infestation can easily be spread by your pet by simply scratching their bodies or laying down on sofa sets and beds. The larvae forms the cocoons when it is about to go to its next stage which is by becoming a pupa, this is where they hatch and become full adults that start feed on mammal blood.

Now, knowing what type of fleas you’re dealing with is important because it helps you determine the best methods to use in dealing with fleas in its different life cycle stages. This is so to make sure that you use the most effective methods since some extermination methods can only be effective for fleas in certain life stages.

Prevent Further Increase Of Infestation In Your Home

This is basically the best thing that you can do in order to help lessen your problem. Now, there are chemicals in which you can apply on your pets or home items that will have a killing effect on the fleas if they shall ever come in contact with your fur buddy. Which is actually great in preventing other fleas to come along with your pets to your house.

You’ll find that there are various ways in order to do this method effectively. All you have to do is ask your vet about the flea preventive maintenance you can use for your pet. If your pet is already dealing with fleas, then you can still use these preventive chemicals. The chemicals will be able to kill the fleas living on the body of your pets but it is not advisable that you rely solely on this method, we recommend that you still take other aggressive actions in killing these pests.

Have Your Surroundings Cured And Aided By Pest Control Professionals

Curing the environment in and out of your house will greatly affect in reducing the presence of any pests and even fleas in your home. Call Go-Forth Pest Control now and see what type of services we can offer to solve your pest problem!

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