How To Get Rid Of Mice With Kitty Litter

December 4, 2018

Apart from the various ways on which you can use to defeat a mice infestation in your home, there are ways in which you can either save money or recycle some resources that you probably already have before. And that being said, you’re reading this article because you’re wondering how you can use cat litter to get rid of your mice problem in your house. Let us walk you through the entire process.

Mice Prevention Made Simple

For this method, you’re gonna need plastic bowls and trays, gloves, scoops and well of course the kitty litter. Now a lot of cat litters are basically intended to reduce the smell of cat excretes but for this process you’re gonna want to use a cat litter that somehow does the opposite. If it’s possible, we advise you to use cat litter that’s either unscented or something that is cheap in order for the effect to be as not strong as possible.

Naturally, cats are the primary predators for mice. And way back, cats are actually the go to animals when it’s mice that needs to be taken care off. But in our time today, cats are actually more pampered than humans which is why those days have gone by, although it doesn’t change that their instincts to hunt mice are still there, but they are just not that urged to do much anymore nowadays.

  • First, you need to determine if it’s really mice that you’re dealing with in your house. These little creatures are great in avoiding detection from humans but you’ll be able to tell if they’ve been in a place by the droppings that they tend to leave near the food that they’re trying to eat, nests, chewed off housing materials and tiny holes on back of furniture and walls.
  • Look for the mice entry points in your home, and check for spots even on the windows, doors and heating ventilations. You have to remember they these creatures can slip through very small holes and cracks in walls and other house items so make sure to do this process tediously.
  • Use the gloves to get a scoop of the kitty litter from the cat box. Now, in order to take great effect, you have to remember that the litter needs to be used by the cat first. As you scoop in the litter, prioritize on getting the material from the part in which the cat urinated on. Put the litter then on a plastic bowl or pan and place the container where you would usually see the mice pass or go through. Repeat the process for several times in order to repel the mice effectively. The smell that the cat litter gives off because of the urine will surely keep the mice away as they would think that there’s a cat waiting for them by the holes they’re gonna try to enter into.
  • Lastly, to ultimately solve the problem for you, why not call in Go-Forth Pest Control? To find out more about the services that we offer simply gives a call or go through our website to get a free quote!

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