How to Get Rid of Termites

January 15, 2019

Most houses are built using woods which are strong materials and can keep up with time. However, not all woods can last a lifetime especially when termites are present. This pest is fond of chewing woods until nothing is left which weakens the foundation of the house.

No one wants to lose a house just because of termites, right? This pest is hard to fight especially if it completely infested your home. Are you having problems with how to get rid of termites? No need to worry because there are ways on how you can remove this pest. Here’s how!

Place Firewood Outside

Termites love woods, and that’s a fact! If your firewood inside your home, you should place it outdoor and should be away from your home to avoid attracting more termites.

Check The Wood Inside & Outside Of Your House

Summer and spring are the seasons that termites are active which means you need to be preemptive. Checking the wood around your house will help you know if the woods are eaten by termites or not. If it crumbles, it means that the pest got you first.

Remove Cardboard Boxes

Termites don’t only love wood but cardboard boxes as well. Using this as your storage is not a good idea since the pest might chew on those boxes. If you want to store your belongings that will not gain the interest of termites, plastic boxes are what you need.

Fix Areas Where Moisture Is Present

Pests like termites survive when moisture is present. With this, water should be sent away from your home. Gutters, drainage, and air conditioners should also be checked as water is present in these areas. If you don’t remove water, then you are giving those termites the environment they want.

Close Possible Entries

Pests can come inside your house through gaps and holes, and it includes termites. If your door and windows have gaps or holes where the pest can enter, have it sealed to avoid it from entering.

Examine Your Wooden Floors & Furniture

If your home has wooden floors and furniture, there’s a possibility that termites might be present. Don’t just check the interior and exterior of your house, even the floors and furniture should be examined since these can also serve as shelter for termites.

Use Termite Baits

If you want to terminate those termites bugging your home, termite baits are helpful. You need to place it in the right location to successfully achieve your goal. However, be careful about using this to avoid accidents. That’s it!

These 7 tips will help you get rid of termites in no time. With these, your home can now be free from those termites that only know to eat your wood.

However, if you are not confident enough to eliminate those termites, you don’t have to worry! Go-Forth Pest Control is your Low-Cost pest control service in Concord that is capable of getting rid of pests like termites.  

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