How To Have Fun Under The Summer Sun (When You Do Not Want To Go To The Beach)

July 15, 2019

Summer is traditionally associated with hot weather. Rains come very few and far in between if it even comes at all. It is the hottest of the four seasons. Here in the United States, summer begins in May and usually ends in June. 

Summer is also associated with vacations; almost all schools and universities in every country give children this time off. Because of the opportunity to spend time together, families take advantage of the warm weather to participate in different activities as a way to bond with each other. Going to the beach, of course, remains one of the favorite things to do by everyone. However, not everyone wants to go to the beach for plenty of reasons. It could be lack of time, lack of money, too lazy to go, while some are totally afraid of water. If you are one of these people or those who you want to accompany you belong to these groups of people, that is just fine. Hopefully, you would not feel left out during this fun season, because there will be many other things to do for a fun and memorable summer!

Fun Activities For The Summer

So school is out, and your kids have a couple of months of doing...nothing. Parents get stressed out looking for things the kids can do. If this is what you are worried about this summer, then consider your problems solved.  Here are some activities that you and your kids can do together without spending too much. 

Summer is the best time to go to the movies

Hollywood too knows that the kids are on vacation, that is why this is the busiest time of the year for them. They bring out the best blockbuster movies one after the other, and your kids would never run out of choices to watch. 

Let them learn how to play musical instruments

With so much time in their hands, why not let the musician in them stand out. Who knows, you might have the next singing sensation, right in front of you? Get them started at a young age while you can. Let them play the guitar, piano, drums, or any other instrument that suits their fancy. If you have more than one kid, teach them all. They might become like the Corrs, that wonderful all-sibling band. For young kids, get them to start with smaller instruments first, then see how they would react to it, or if they would like it. If you can play yourself, then you can teach them. If not, there are always tutors you can hire.  

Have them help you with some of the household chores

Of course, you will have to do all the heavy lifting, but there will always be something to do for everyone, even for a toddler. They can help with a little sweeping, mopping, or picking up their toys. Older kids can start helping with washing the dishes. You can also let them help out in the garden. They can help with watering the plants or pulling the weeds. You can also try giving them small-sized rakes, minus the sharp edges, and let them remove patches of grass. This is a perfect teaching moment for your kids of course.  

Bring out the athletes in them

You might find the next Michael Jordan, or LeBron James, or Babe Ruth right in your household. Just like when letting them choose which musical instrument they would like. Let them choose the sport they want to play. Summertime is usually the time when sports clinics are being set up, so you may want to enroll your kids there. Sports not only build healthy bodies and minds, but it also builds character.  

You can have a lemonade stand

It is summer, what else could be better than drinking a nice, cold lemonade on a hot day! Refreshing isn’t it? The neighbors would want that too. You must have done this yourself when you were a kid, would it not be nice to let your kids experience the same fun activity? This would be your children’s first taste of entrepreneurship. Surely, your neighbors would have fun buying from your cute little “business kids”.   

Play board games

Introduce them to the games of your childhood. Dust off those old board games and get the kids ready for hours of play. Snakes and Ladders are just as enjoyable today as it was when we were young. Also, try Monopoly and outwit each other. Of course, they will be hungry during the game so get ready with those snacks your kids enjoy.  

Read books

Books will take them to faraway places. Let them see a world full of imagination. Nothing beats reading a good book, and at the same time you would find peace and quiet in the house as they immerse themselves

Tis the season for swimming

You do not have to go out to the beach or any resort to take a nice dip in the water. Our search for a nice body of water ends with having a portable pool right on your lawn. It is easy, and safe too. Your kids are just within reach while they swim. If you do not have one yet, the internet has a lot of affordable ones that are of high quality. Just jump in and let the heat melt away. Pretty cool huh?

Wash your car with the kids

Water activities are always fun for kids. All you need is a lot of water, a hose, and a sponge. Let the kids spray the water. They may get wet, but that is okay. They might explore some new stuff here and there. 

Set up camp, on your lawn

You can set up a tent outside your lush, beautiful lawn. Spend the night there. Be close to nature, and remove any distractions brought about by the modern world. That means, turn off the lights, no television or radios, and definitely no gadgets. Just you and the family. Tell stories, or read them a book. This will surely be one of the best nights ever! Of course, for you to enjoy these outdoor activities, you have to make sure your lawn is free of pests. Pests will really take away all the joy in outdoor activities. Before you set up camp or set up a lemonade stall, check to see if there are pests around. Knowing how to identify these pests is the first step to getting rid of these pests.  

Watch Out For These Pests


Their bites are itchy and they are very irritating, buzzing around your ears like crazy. Unfortunately, they are more than just a nuisance, and it is not just the itch that you would have to worry about. Mosquitoes transmit diseases that can be fatal; in fact, mosquitoes are said to be the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Imagine them being on your lawn, it is scary! To prevent mosquitoes from ruining your summer, remove all sources of standing water. Mosquitoes like to breed in standing water, so you may also remove things that can hold water. Things like old cans, old tires, water containers, old gutters, and other similar items.


Ants may be the model of hard work and teamwork, but they are also quite bothersome. They bite, even without provocation. Their bites can be painful and irritating, and you would not want your kids to go through all that. They are also quite bothersome around food; they like sweets, but can settle for any food in your picnic basket.


Spiders, in general, are very peaceful and keep to themselves. However, there are venomous ones that bite when disturbed. Black widow spiders and the brown recluse spiders are the two venomous spiders found in the United States. Be on the lookout as they may be lurking behind the trees and shrubs.


Wasps sting and their stings are painful. They can ruin your picnic just with their presence alone, and sting when they feel threatened by you. They will certainly take out the fun in your outdoor activities. If you have these unwanted pests on your lawn, be sure to contact the best pest control management in the Carolinas, Go-Forth Pest Control.  

Let Go-forth Pest Control Handle The Job

No home or pest is the same, so there is no cookie-cutter solution. At Go-Forth Pest Control, we have professional technicians who will examine your home and your lawn to evaluate your specific needs. We will identify points of entry and make treatments as necessary. We only use state of the art equipment to keep up with these ever-evolving pests. Go-Forth Pest Control has earned the trust of residents and businesses in North Carolina for more than 50 years. For more information, or to set an appointment, just dial 336-841-6111. Our friendly operators are standing by.

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