How To Keep Flies Out Of Your Raleigh, NC Home

June 11, 2021

The flies in your Raleigh, NC home might not sting or bite you, but you don't want them around. In addition to being a loud nuisance, flies are downright dangerous. They spread diseases and place everyone in your household in danger. If you want to secure your home from the threats that come with flies, you need to take preventative measures.

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Which Flies Bother Raleigh, NC Homeowners?

In Raleigh, several types of flies often plague homeowners. Drain flies, house flies, and fruit flies are all common home-invaders. Although they all have unique appearances, they share a few key similarities. For instance, all of the local flies have a head, thorax, and abdomen. They have wings, six legs, and antennae. Because flies have sticky feet, they can cling to smooth surfaces. The color of the fly varies by species, as does the size. Typically, flies range from the size of a grain of salt to three inches long.

How And Why Flies Get Inside Your Home

To better understand how to prevent flies, you need to know how and why they get into your home. They may accidentally make their way inside after flying through an open door or window. However, they may be attracted inside while looking for food, shelter, or moisture.

As far as food goes, your home could have plenty of it available to flies. Drain flies are attracted to the scraps in your sink, while house flies may have an interest in your garbage. If you have fruit or leftovers on your counters, that could soon become a meal for flies. Once inside your home, flies begin to breed and take over. They land on your surfaces and leave behind pathogens and bacteria. For the safety of your household, you need to make your home less appealing to flies.

The Top Fly Prevention Tips

All of the following steps could keep flies outside where they belong:

  • Seal Your Garbage: Do you store your garbage in open cans? If so, flies have an easy meal. You can replace your cans with ones that have automatic lids, giving you both convenience and safety.
  • Seal Up Entry Points: To keep flies outdoors, make your home impenetrable to small pests. Common entryways for flies include gaps around windows, holes in screens, and gaps under doors. Take a look around your home with a critical eye, and seal up all potential fly entrances. As you do this, remember that some types of flies are extremely small. You can use caulk to eliminate gaps around your window and install door sweeps under your doors. If you have rips in your screens or windows with no screens, install new ones.
  • Store Food Properly: Although it's convenient to keep fruit and food on your counters, it's also attracting flies. One of the keys to fly prevention is proper food storage. Use plastic or glass lidded containers to store the open food in your pantry, and keep items on your counter fully sealed.
  • Clean Up After Pets: Do your dogs use the grass to relieve themselves? If so, their waste could bring flies to your property. Once in your yard, flies will eventually make their way indoors. You can keep these pests away by cleaning up after your pets daily. After you clean the waste, store it in sealed garbage bags in your trash can.
  • Clean Up Yard Debris: If you have a messy yard, you'll have flies as well as other pests. Limit their presence by cleaning yard debris as soon as possible.

Work With A Professional

For the best results, call for professional assistance. Go-Forth Pest Control is ready to give you advice or assistance with fly prevention and elimination. Our experts have years of experience and are eager to help. We offer same-day service using environmentally safe pest extermination methods. Call us today at Go-Forth Pest Control for a free price quote.

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