How To Keep Mice Away From Your Greensboro, NC Home

November 12, 2021

There are few creatures that make good pets and are terrible pests. Mice fit this description. These furry rodents are loved by many people around the world and provide lots of entertainment. They also are known around the globe for the way they damage property, threaten health, and cause anxiety. To help you understand what makes a mouse a pest and how to keep them out of your Greensboro home, here are some things to think about today.

House mice in a pantry eating food.

What Makes A Mouse A Pest

Housepets like dogs and cats do not need to be kept inside cages or closely watched. With a little bit of training, they can be allowed to roam freely indoors. Mice are not this way. There is no easy way to stop these rodents from causing trouble when let out of their cages. It is in their nature to chew on things they shouldn’t, eat things that are dirty, and make noise when people are trying to sleep. This is what makes them pests.

Some Ways Mice Get Into Homes

Mice are not just sold at stores. They are found all throughout nature. If temperatures or conditions outside get cold or unfavorable, mice will look to nearby structures to find shelter, food, and water. If they find your home, they might try to get inside through gaps, cracks, and other damage in its exterior. Although less common, mice are sometimes brought indoors inside boxes such as boxes stored in a shed containing holiday decorations. 

Strategies To Prevent Mice

In order to keep mice from getting into your Greensboro home, you have to put in place some prevention strategies. To make things simpler for you today, here are a few detailed tips and tricks our experts recommend.

  • Walk around your yard and remove sticks, leaf piles, and other organic clutter.
  • Remove fallen trees, hollow stumps, and other items that mice might hide inside.
  • Clear out a five-foot zone around your home’s exterior to keep it dry.
  • Repair damage to your home’s gutters and make sure they are clean.
  • Check your home’s piping, faucets, and sewer lines for leaks. Fix any damage you find.
  • Eliminate sources of water build-up around your property after it rains.
  • Use some steel wool and a caulking gun to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your home’s weatherstripping and door sweeps are in good working order.
  • Thoroughly clean your living areas and do your best to keep clutter to a minimum.
  • Be careful not to leave food out on countertops.
  • Store leftovers, pantry items, and pet food inside tough, sealable containers.
  • Invest in trash cans that have rodent-proof lids.

A Simpler Option To Control Mice

There are many reasons and ways that mice invade homes, and keeping up with DIY prevention is not easy. The only way to ensure mice stay out of your Greensboro home is to invest in professional pest control services. At Go-Forth Pest Control, we have spent the time, money, and resources to perfect our rodent control measures. If you are in need of help, we will start with a thorough inspection of your home. This evaluation will point out any current rodent threats and help us assess what methods would work best to get the rodents out fast. It will also let us identify entry points and attractants that might be drawing mice in so that we can put defenses in place.

Call us now to learn more about our pest control options or to get a quote for your Greensboro home and property. 

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