How To Keep Your Backyard Free From Pests

January 23, 2019

Your home is your haven hence it should always be clean. However, instances come when pests begin to visit your humble abode and intrude even your backyard. When this happens, your outdoor activities will be affected especially when the weather is fine. Pests don’t only come inside your home since it can also pester the exterior of your property and the backyard is not excluded. Once the patio has pests, the infestation will spread just like wildfire if not treated immediately.

If you want to keep your backyard free from pest regardless of the weather, here are tips you can follow which will help you achieve a pest-free patio for you and your family.

Mow The Grass

Over time, the grass in your backyard will grow, and this is an opportunity to pests such as ants and ticks since it can be their hiding place. But if you mow your grass regularly, this will lessen those pests as they cannot find any safe place to hide.

Remove Firewood

Stacking your firewood in the backyard is good, but if it is placed just right beside your home, your patio will not be the only affected but your interior as well. Termites usually live on logs and leaving those wood on the ground will give them the chance to nest and infest. The best way is to remove the firewood on the ground and stack it on a higher place.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Cleaning your yard is a way for pests to get away. Get rid of the things that might attract the pests to swarm into your patio like food sources and wastes. Also, dead plants should be eliminated as it can also be a haven for pests.

Water Should Be Avoided

If your yard has a swimming pool, then it can attract pests since most pests love the water where they can reproduce and shelter. So if you stocked water outside, remove it. If you are not using the pool, cover it or always have it maintained to keep away those pests from getting into the water

Use Citronella

One way to make your backyard pest-free is by using citronella. Burning this will drive away the mosquitoes and flies which are both dangerous as they bring diseases once made contact to humans.

Call A Pest Control Specialist

If you are not sure what to do with your backyard, the best way is to call a pest control specialist who can provide utmost and effective pest control to your patio. Having a professional do the work is easier to eliminate the pests, and future problems will be avoided. See! These 6 simple tips can help your backyard become pest-free in no time. Your backyard is also your playground and having pests around will cut your fun activities. If you want your patio to remain clean and free from pests, Go-Forth Pest Control is your cheap bug exterminator in Concord which you can trust!

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