How To Prepare For A Cockroach Exterminator

December 7, 2018

Cockroaches can be such annoying pests to have in a home, not to mention how they can be very toxic because of the bacteria and viruses that they can easily carry and transfer from one place to another. Moreover, they are pests that prefer to eat the food that we consume and tend to live indoors with us as well. Their legs and exoskeletons exposes them to a lot of bacteria which they can easily transfer to our food, kitchen tops, counter tables, stoves, utensils and etc. They are known carriers of pathogens that can cause diseases with great deal plus, they are also responsible for carrying viruses that cause gastrointestinal disorders.

Combat Roaches Effectively!

Roaches are not only known to cause internal diseases to people, but these little creatures are also known to trigger asthma attacks because of the antigens that they pose which are parts of their exoskeletons and well, their fecal matter. If you think that you’re dealing with these dirty pests in your home, then we recommend that you urgently call in our team at Go-Forth Pest Control in order for you to be able to properly get rid of them. It’s usually up to the pest control company how they’re going to clear out your space from pest infestations, but before our team goes to your place for the treatment, we would like to recommend you some things that you can do in order to prepare your place for the pest control service.

  • See to it that you have tried to cleaning your home prior to the pest inspection visit. This will greatly help in catching the roaches through the poisoned baits instead of the littered food sources in your home.

  • Clean your kitchen tables, counter tops, appliances and etc. Do not leave on a dirty sink as the pest treatment will require pesticides and insecticides to be used. It is advisable to properly store your utensils and other kitchenware as these are items that you use directly for the food that you eat.

  • As much as you need to keep your kitchen items clear from pests and the pesticides itself, we would also advise you to store items played and used by children in your home.

  • Mop the floors and vacuum the carpets. This will leave the roaches wandering and ultimately staying in their nests if they see that there is no food source in the usual parts of your house anymore. Which can help in determining where they are nesting.

  • Move your appliances away from the wall in order for the pest control team to inspect freely in hidden spaces for traces of the pests you’re trying to get rid off.

While there are a lot more preparation that you can do before you let our team of professional roach exterminators start the treatment in your home, it is mostly important for you to trust us. Go-Forth Pest Control honors the trust our customers give us as this serves as our drive and motivation to provide our business partners with great services.

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