How To Prevent Ladybug Infestation Of Your Home In Hickory, NC

February 22, 2019

Hickory is now highly regarded as one of the most desirable cities to live and do business in North Carolina. It is just a small city located in the Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba counties in the U.S. state of North Carolina. This used to be a charming small town but has grown to become a vibrant city with more than 50,000 residents. Just recently, it is recognized as one of the top ten best places to live in the United States, as per the Reader’s Digest.

Hickory has an interesting history. In 1850, a man named Henry Robinson built a log tavern under a Hickory tree. It was then called the Hickory Tavern. In 1859, as it was growing in size, the first train came into the city. Eventually, the land Robinson lovingly cultivated was sold to Henry Link. In 1873 Hickory Tavern changed its name to Hickory.

Today, the people of Hickory have crafted living and a life that is robust and is rich in tradition. Residential and commercial establishments are now aplenty.

Alongside progress comes some of the headaches, and this is but natural. Among these problems is the presence of pests; pests like the ladybugs.

The Ladybugs: Love And Hate Relationship

The ladybug is a much-loved creature because of its distinct beauty, gracefulness, and are generally harmless to humans. They are also used to contain aphids and other plant-eating pests, so they help the farmers a lot. In some parts of the world, ladybugs are revered, as they are believed to bring in good luck.

However, once they find their way inside our homes, it becomes a different story.  A ladybug infestation can be such a nuisance, and in large numbers, they are considered pests. They enter our homes at the start of winter when they search for a warm and dry place. They will swarm into a building or a house where the sun illuminates it. Those that are most prone to ladybug infestations are houses or buildings near the woods or fields.

An infestation usually starts with just one ladybug. It has pheromones- much like the wasps- which they emit to attract fellow ladybugs. These ladybugs then follow the trail used by the first one, using the same entry point.

They become pests only because of their presence alone. They will crawl all over your house in search of a way out once winter is over.


The best way to control ladybug infestation is prevention. Caulk all potential openings on the inside and outside of your home. Make sure your doors have weather stripping and windows with tight-fitting screens. Seal off cracks.

In case a ladybug still manages to enter your home, the best way to remove them is through a vacuum cleaner.

These are some of the DIYs for preventing ladybug infestation in your home.  Another way is to seek professional help. In this case, let Go-Forth Pest Control Company do the dirty work for you. Go-Forth has well trained professionals and uses family friendly and pet friendly methods of controlling pests and they have been doing this in Hickory since 1959.

To set an appointment, contact us and let's talk about your pest problem.

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