How To Stop A Roach Infestation

June 12, 2020

Pest infestations will always give headaches to property owners. The problem often occurs nowadays, and it is unstoppable. Several pests can cause infestations in your property but among those, roaches are the hardest ones to eliminate.

Roaches come and go but most of them stay for good–which is bad for you and your property. The pest does not only bring inconveniences but diseases as well that humans can acquire. Roach infestations are hard to resolve because the pest does not easily die.

If you think spraying on roaches is enough and will kill them, you got it wrong. The pest is not easily bothered. Roaches have been in the world for a longer time. Because of this, they were able to adapt to the chemicals so the pesticides you buy in the market won't change anything.

On the other hand, dealing with roaches will need professional help. You may do DIY pest control if there are only a few ones. But if it is already an infestation, what you need is the help of a professional pest control company. An expert is capable of eliminating hardy pests like roaches.

If you have seen a few roaches at home, you should start worrying. Other roaches are only hiding in the dark waiting for the right time to infest. To assure yourself that what you have is a roach infestation, here are the signs to look out for. We will as well give tips on how you can stop the infestation.

Signs Of Roach Infestation

Do you think a roach infestation is happening in your house? If you see these signs, it is an indication that you have a problem.

Seeing Live Roaches

One of the obvious signs that you have a roach infestation is seeing live ones crawling around. Typically, roaches will come out during the night. However, they can be seen even in the day when the infestation is already worse. You can spot the pest mostly at night due to its nocturnal nature. But you should make a move when they begin to roam around even if it is daytime.

You will see roaches almost everywhere especially in areas where food sources and moisture are available. Roaches will usually hide when you are around because you will always be the biggest threat to them. Sometimes, they will stay in groups that will surprise you when you see a good number of them hiding together. The mere presence of live roaches is a sign that you are having a roach infestation. Your home might have been heavily infested without your idea. When you see roaches at home, immediately seek help from a pest control company.

Smelling Strange Odor

When your house doesn't have pests, you will smell fresh scent or will not be able to smell any strange odor. However, if your house begins to emit a strange odor, it could only mean that something is wrong. Maybe roaches are around infesting.

Roaches are pests that will release smells that may linger in your property and you can easily distinguish it. When your house has a change in smell, you should worry. It can mean that there could be a lot of roaches infesting and already causing an infestation. The strange odor can be caused by dead roaches, feces, and pheromones. You should know that roaches are not the only ones that release unusual odor even ants and rodents can emit a smell.

Spotting Roach Droppings

Another sign of roach infestation in your property is when you begin to spot roach droppings that were not evident before. Roach droppings will be seen when lots of roaches are present. The pest will usually eat everything – human food, dead skin, pet food, glue, hair, shampoo, trash, and more.  Because of this, they will keep on leaving droppings that you will see almost everywhere. Roaches will excrete feces wherever they go so you will know where they infest often.

The droppings can be similar to black pepper or coffee grounds so you might find it difficult to identify them and might mistake it as dirt. If the droppings are only found in one place, you can heave a sigh of relief because you might only have a few of them. But if the feces are found almost everywhere, start worrying because it can be a sign of infestation.

Check your floor, counters, beneath appliances, dryer, cracks and crevices, pantry, bathroom, and shelves because these are the common places where you can find roach droppings. If you keep on seeing roach droppings and it happens almost every day, what you need is the help of a pest control company to combat roach infestation.

Visible Egg Cases Of Roaches

When roaches breed, they do it crazily, but you can easily find out that they are reproducing because they leave pieces of evidence such as egg cases which are known as ootheca. Egg cases have up to 50 roach eggs so if you spot several oothecae in your property, it means that several eggs will hatch and the number of roaches will keep on increasing. You will be able to spot egg cases once the egg hatches as ootheca will be left behind. Visible egg cases around your property is a sign that an infestation is happening.

These are the signs of roach infestation. When you can stumble on these signs, you have to make a move by calling a pest control company near you. Also, if you see dead roaches around, it is a sign that there are already plenty of them infesting your property.

How To Prevent Roach Infestation

Roach infestations can happen anytime or when you do not expect it. If you want to avoid this problem, prevent it right away by following these tips:

Clean Your House

Roaches are attracted to filth and if your house is too dirty, they will immediately come and infest. They can find a lot of food in dirty places and to deprive them of food, clean your house. Remove food sources by wiping floors, countertops, tables, and more to get rid of food crumbs and residues. You should wash dirty dishes after meals so that roaches will not feast on it. Spills should be wiped as it can attract the pest. If your stove is already too greasy, clean it because the grease left is food for roaches. You should also throw away the trash.

Put Bait & Traps

Since roaches are fast runners, you cannot chase them down, so you have to put bait and traps to catch them. There are traps and bait that can be bought in stores. For it to be effective, you have to place it properly by installing traps on places where the pest is commonly seen or hiding. You can combine the bait with traps so that the pest will be lured easily. Once roaches ingest the bait, they will come back to their nests and will die eventually. The poison found in baits will be spread throughout the nest so other roaches will die as well. You can put traps and bait near trash bins, bathrooms, under your sink, and in cabinets. Make sure that these will not be reached by children or pets.

Seal Openings

Roaches can enter your property even in small spaces because of their exoskeleton bodies that allow them to be flexible. If you want to prevent roach infestation, make sure that the pest does not have any way to enter your house so seal openings tightly. From windows down to holes found in plumbing lines, all possible entry points should be tightly sealed to keep the pest out. 

Hire A Roach Exterminator

When you have done everything, yet the results are still the same, a roach exterminator is what you need. Roaches can thrive anywhere and sometimes, the treatments you apply do not work effectively. But with a roach exterminator, it will be easier to get rid of your pest problem because a professional knows more about the pest and has the finest equipment and treatments that guarantee success. If you need the help of a roach exterminator in NC, Go-Forth Pest Control is the one to look for. 

Pest Control Company Near Me

Go-Forth Pest Control is the nearest roach exterminator company in Greensboro, NC that you can count on when you have roaches or other pests at home. They are doing pest control for more than 50 years and no one can match their expertise.

The company offers the best treatments that can resolve all your pest problems. Name the pest you have, and they already know what to and how to treat it. The company guarantees that only safe and effective extermination methods are done to ensure that no harm will be done to you, your family, pets, and property. They always go for green pest control so the environment will be safe as well.

With their professional, expert, and licensed pest exterminators, your pest worries will be gone for good. If you need their help, you can reach them at 1-800-841-6113 and they are always on-the-go to provide quality pest control in North Carolina!

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