How To Treat For Bed Bugs Near Lexington, NC

February 12, 2019

 Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that you sleep in your bed.  They are oval in shape and are the size of an apple seed. Live on the blood of humans and animals.  However, their bodies swell after feeding.

Several agencies from the United States have tagged the bed bugs as health risk pests, including the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. And rightfully so, as they have no place in your home, much more in your bedroom. They bite the whole you are defenseless at sleep. Their bites may not be painful but develop into an itchy welt later on.  

The female bed bugs lay over a hundred eggs over their lifetime.  Now you know they won’t be extinct anytime soon!

Where They Hide

If you want to be a hitch-hiker, you might be able to learn a lot from the bedbugs as they are extremely adept at it.  They enter your homes via luggage, old clothes, used sofas, used beds or bed frames, and other items. Their favorite hiding places are your mattresses, bed frames, headboards, and box springs.  However, they are not confined to these places and they may scatter all over your bedroom.

Treating Bed Bugs

There is one question that needs to be answered regarding bed bugs: can we treat and exterminate them on our own?  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, success depends on many factors. One is the extent of the infestation.   There might already be too many of them to be eliminated immediately. Then consider the site-specific challenges like having neighbors with an infestation, do you have too much clutter, etc.

Here are some tips on how to treat bed bugs:

  1. First, start with your beddings, linens, and clothing.  Wash them up in hot water and dry them on the highest setting.
  2. Clutters on your bed should be removed as this will be used as their hiding places.
  3. Vacuum your bed and surrounding area frequently.   After use, make sure to empty your vacuum cleaner into a bag, seal the bag, and dispose of it properly. 
  4. If your furniture is infested, do not throw it away just yet.  Try to salvage it first by cleaning it. If you cannot save it, dispose of it responsibly.  Destroy it, or make sure it will be of no use so no one will be tempted to re-use it and bring it back to their homes as it will only spread the bed bugs.
  5. Seal off cracks and repair peeled wallpaper.  These are also potential hiding places for bed bugs.

If the problem still seems insurmountable, you might need professional help.  If you are from Lexington, rest easy. Go-Forth Pest Control Company is just around the neighborhood.

Simply The Best In Pest Control

Go- Forth has been serving customers in Lexington for 59 years now.  They have excellent experience not only in bed bugs treatment, but also with many other pest problems like cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, ants, and many others.  The company has a special team of technicians who can evaluate your homes or offices on the type of service that is just right for you.  They also offer same-day service, EPA approved pest extermination methods, and discounts for regular service agreements Go-Forth is a family-owned exterminator company that has earned the trust of local homeowners and businesses alike.

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