How To Treat For Moths Near Camden

February 14, 2019

Moths are generally peaceful creatures. Unlike ants or wasps, they do not bite or sting. Most moths are harmless, and they are actually helpful and very important part of our biodiversity and have vital roles in the environment. They act as important pollinators of flowers, and as a source of food for other animals in the wild. That being said, there are still some species that are a nuisance and are very serious pests that need our attention.

The Most Common Types Of Moths

Clothes Moths - The clothes moths, as their name suggests, eat your clothes.  They eat fibers that come from animals, like wool, fur, and feather. Most likely, they are to eat clothes that are dirty, damp, and hidden in undisturbed places like under your sofa.

Meal Moths - These are the moths that hunt down your cereals, rice, flour, pasta, powdered milk, and other grains. Definitely pests, and are considered as the most troublesome type of moth in the United States.

Ermine Moths - These ermine moths are more of a nuisance in your garden as they can defoliate garden shrubs. You can identify them with their small bodies that are whitish and are covered in rows of black dots.

The Browntail Moth - Their caterpillars and nests can cause problems, as the hairs of these caterpillars can cause severe skin irritation and rashes.  The adult moths also spin nests of silk which contain hairs that cause irritation as well. Caterpillars and nests should be removed if found within your vicinity.

When moths turn into pests, it is important that we get rid of them to avoid incurring any more damages to our properties. Here are some tips on how to get rid of moths:

1. Regularly check and clean areas in your house that are dark and humid, like under the sofas and under the beds. These are the favorite hiding places for clothes moths. Immediately wash dirty clothes.

2. Use repellents and mothballs to deter moths.

3. When purchasing dry food at the grocery, inspect for possible infestation on the package you are about to buy. Check for webbings and holes on the package. Once at home, store food in sealed containers

4. Clean up on food spills immediately. Clean and vacuum carpets.

5. Use pheromone-laced cardboard traps. These may be effective in controlling the moths; it will not totally solve the problem though. Use this in combination with other methods.

If the infestation becomes too much of a problem, you may need to call the professionals. If you are from Camden, Go - Forth Pest Control Company is just around the neighborhood.

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