Hurricane Florence & Pest Control

September 12, 2018

Does a hurricane eliminates pests or does it make it worst? A hurricane can trigger serious pest problems after the storm, sometimes bringing other pests from other areas. Call the professional exterminators at Go-Forth Pest Control if you believe you might have a cockroach infestation!


Flooding, rain, high winds are all a consequence of hurricanes. Hurricanes storms can bring down trees, cause damage to property, clog gutters and drains, all of this a perfect habitat for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can carry Zika virus and they only need a small puddle of water to breed. After a storm make sure you eliminate free standing water around your home, empty any containers that hold water, and unclog drains and gutters even before the storm hits.

Rodents, Ants & Cockroaches

Hurricanes can relocate bugs from other areas, pests like rodents, fire ants, roaches, many pests are attracted to moisture so it's important to clean around your home and discard unneeded items outside you home, these will make a perfect breeding ground for pests. It's advisable to seal any holes, gaps and any points of entry. If flooding occurs many pests would want to go inside your home, they will be looking for a dry and warm place.


Termites love wet wood, so it's important to remove any damaged wood from floods, many times you will have to call your termite professional to make sure your termite stations are in good shape.

Wildlife & Snakes

After a hurricane it's very probable that you're gonna have an encounter with snakes. They too will be looking for a safe place from all that water and wind. The best measure to take is to make sure your yard is clean and free of debris.

Yellow Jackets & Wasps

Often times you will also see flying insects trying to relocate to a dryer place, it's important to repair any damaged walls, roofs or potential entry points.

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