Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

February 22, 2019

There was this story about a lady who licked envelopes and postage stamps.  Later that day, she found a cut on her tongue and thought nothing much about it.  After one week, she noticed that her tongue had abnormal swelling. She went to see the doctor, who found nothing and just gave her some medicines to fight off the pain and swelling.  After a few more days, her tongue swelled some more. She went back to the hospital and demanded that something is done to it. She walked in the hospital’s emergency room and the doctor performed surgery on it.  After cutting her tongue open, out crawled a cockroach! 

There is another story, this time in Australia, wherein a man woke up one morning with a sharp pain in his ear. Thinking it was a spider, he used a vacuum and squirted some water into his ear to force it out. When that did not work, his friend took him to the hospital as the pain intensified. At the hospital, the doctor put oil down his ear canal. This killed whatever was inside. The doctor then used forceps to pick it out. What the doctor got was a 2 cm cockroach!

The first story was an urban legend, while the second one was a true story.

There are many other stories that involve the dreaded cockroach. Stories like this abound because cockroaches are universally reviled. If you are seeing cockroaches in your home, you better get rid of them.

The Most Common Types Of Cockroaches

The most common type of cockroaches he in the U.S. are the American cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and the Brown Banded cockroach.  

1. American Cockroach - Even though it is called the American cockroach, there is nothing American about it. This is native to Africa and the Middle East and is the most common species found inside houses and also the largest among all common cockroaches. They are oval in shape and are two inches long. Adult female cockroaches can hatch as many as 150 offspring per year. They live in dark, wet places like sewers and pipes in homes and commercial buildings.

2. German Cockroach -  These are the types usually found in restaurants and hotels as they prefer sweet, fatty, and starchy foods. This species is said to be the most troublesome, so immediate help is needed once you spot one of these in your home.

3. Oriental Cockroach - They dwell in dirty, cooler places and create a strong smell.  They eat garbage and organic material. They appear larger and darker compared to other cockroach species.

4. Brown Banded Cockroach - They measure about 10 to 14 mm long and they usually dwell in warm dry places.  

Get Rid Of These Pests In Your Home

If you want the surest way to get rid of these terrible roaches from your homes, then your best bet will be Go- Forth Pest Control Company. Go - Forth has a team of highly skilled professionals eager to do battle with these roaches.  They use state-of-the-art equipment and a family-friendly and pet-friendly method of doing of exterminating the pests.

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