Is Coronavirus Transmitted By Pests?

March 18, 2020

Several countries are now under serious threats because of the newly discovered coronavirus which is called COVID-19. The virus has been affecting Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, and more and this is something that doesn’t happen all the time.

Coronavirus is transmitted from animals to humans and because of this, pests are also put to blame to transmit the virus. Some believe that mosquitoes can spread the virus but some studies have proven that mosquitoes are not transmitters of the coronavirus. However, mosquitoes are not the only pests because there are thousands of vermin you can have at home and some are cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, rodents, fleas, termites, spiders, and silverfish.

The outbreak of the coronavirus today has put a lot of countries in lockdown because of its grave threats to humans. Some infected people are dying and hospitals can’t accommodate everyone. Healthcare providers are as well working overtime to attend to the needs of infected people. Because of the great effects of the virus, people are staying indoors, works are temporarily stopped, and social gatherings are prohibited.

Coronavirus is not a joke so safety precautions should be followed. However, when pests are infesting your home, pest control is the best answer because professional pest exterminators are more knowledgeable in handling them.

Are you worried that the coronavirus is transmitted by pests? Let’s know the truth here.

How Dangerous Is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus should not be taken lightly because it is now one of the major problems in the world. The virus doesn’t pick its victims. The COVID-19 which is the newly discovered coronavirus has been affecting thousands of people around the world. From celebrities down to old citizens, everyone is infected and the situations get worse every day.

Coronavirus is dangerous because it mostly affects your respiratory system. MERS-CoV came from camels while SARS-CoV came from cats. Now, the new coronavirus said it was from bats but no confirmation is done yet if this is true. The virus is easy to spread because it can be transmitted by simply shaking hands or any close contact. Sneezing and coughing can also do a lot in the spread of the virus. That’s why, amid the pandemic, people are advised to wash their hands, cover their nose and mouths while sneezing, wear gloves and masks, and avoid getting close contact with others to stop the virus from spreading more. 

Can Pests Transmit Coronavirus?

People believe that coronavirus can be spread by pests since most of the viruses were from animals. However, not all the time what you believe in is true. Coronavirus is NOT transmitted by pests because it can be spread when persons have close contact with each other. Pests can spread other diseases or viruses but not the coronavirus. No research has proven that vermin carry the virus and spread it to humans. If you have pests at home, you should not worry about the coronavirus but other illnesses because some pests can give fatal blows to your health.

There are many diseases brought by pests at your home that could be dangerous to your family, properties, and pets.

Common Pests You’ll See At Home


Ants are among the common pests you’ll see in your home and they can be pesky as time passes by. The pest will make colonies outside of your home especially on your lawns and they will extend whenever they want. Ants will not only be staying outside, but you’ll see them sneaking inside in lines searching for food. They will typically be present in your kitchen, pantry, trash bins, sinks, and more where foods are available. You need to know that when you have ants, you are not only fighting with one species but there are thousands of them so you should properly identify the type of ant you have at home for better elimination.


Another pest you’ll have at home is cockroaches and you’ll never like it when they are inside your house. The pest is one of the dirtiest vermin because it eats everything–from papers to glue! Cockroaches like to be inside properties because it is warm and has a lot of food sources. The pest will crawl into your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more to look for food. They will also find dark places to hide and will come out when you are not around or when the light is off.

Since cockroaches have been in the world for a very long time, they can easily adapt to the environment they are moving to. With this, they can easily spread diseases like salmonella and E.coli. You need to get rid of cockroaches because they can as well trigger asthma.


If you hate rodents, you should know that they will be in your home whether you like it or not. Rodents are another pest you need to worry because they don’t only cause property damage, but health risks as well. Rodents are very active in their activities and yearly, you’ll be able to see them gnawing on your belongings including your electrical wirings which can lead to other serious problems.

Rodents are disease carriers as well and they are known to spread at least 35 diseases to humans. They can spread viruses through their urine, droppings, saliva, bites, and more. If you are not careful around them, you can acquire some diseases.


If you have pets like dogs, your home is prone to fleas and it is another common pest you need to know. The tiny and wingless pests can bring huge infestation if not eliminated and can also be the reason behind health declines in your household. Fleas may be small but they can cause health problems to your pets and even to you if you don’t get rid of them. The pest feeds on animal blood and can quickly infest your home when they are brought back by your furry pets. That’s why, if you want to walk your pets out, better think twice because fleas are waiting for them to hitch a ride. 


If there’s one pest that you should be mindful of, that would be mosquitoes. The pest is the most dangerous animal in the world not because it has sharp fangs but its bites can bring fatal diseases. Mosquitoes are small flying insects that will feed on you for blood that will help them develop and lay eggs. Take note that only female mosquitoes bite while male ones are interested in plants.

The pest can spread fatal diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, Zika virus, encephalitis, and more. If you acquire one of these illnesses, you need to be treated because it can lead to fatalities like death. It is important to eliminate mosquitoes because of the dangers they bring.


Not all spiders are dangerous but you need to know that there are deadly species of them that can threaten your life. The black widow and brown recluse spiders are among the dangerous ones because of their venoms. Spiders may not be able to transmit diseases but their venoms are severe. Also, they can cause fears or phobias to some. Most people have arachnophobia and having spiders around can make it worse. There are ways on how you can get rid of spiders without getting in touch with them.

These are the pests you’ll most likely encounter inside and outside of your home. You need to know that they don’t transmit the coronavirus hence they can give other diseases which can be dangerous to you, your family, and pets.

Ways To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Check Your Home

Some pests will come to your house depending on the seasons. When winter season is in, pests will visit your place because they need a warm shelter that will help them get through the weather. But, don’t only do it seasonally, make sure to do checking regularly for better results.

Remove Pest Attractants

Pests don’t normally come into homes when they don’t find what they need. But, when they find out that your home is a haven for them, be alert because they will come anytime. Pests are attracted to food sources, moisture, debris, wood, clutter, and more. If you have all this, then your home will have regular uninvited guests.

Block Entry Points

Pests have their way to enter homes that you can’t easily find out. When you do regular checking in your home, make sure to take note of the entry points like cracks, holes, crevices, and gaps because these are the entrances that pests use to invade your home. Immediately block these openings to avoid pests from coming and fix some damage as it can also be an entrance for pests.

Coronavirus should be treated medically and it is not related to pests because vermin don’t have the capability of transmitting the virus. Even the newly discovered coronavirus or COVID-19 is not spread by pests. If you have the symptoms of the virus, get tested but if you have pest problems, what you need is the help of a professional pest control company that is capable of exterminating your pest issues safely and effectively.   

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