Is Exterminator Spray Safe? (Raleigh Exterminators)

August 19, 2020

Exterminators use pesticides to control pests. Pesticides are made of chemicals or biological agents that effectively incapacitate, deter, and kill not just pests but also fungi and plants. You can use this in your house, business office, farm, garden, and many more. The ingredients of pesticides are hazardous. It can cause great harm or even death to human beings or other living things close by. So, it is technically not safe if you use it with no precaution.

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There are three different forms of pesticides: solid, liquid, and aerosol. All of these are poisonous so you must practice the same level of precaution when using any of its kind. That is if you do not want to get into serious trouble.  Let’s discuss how pesticides can enter the human body and how it can affect you:

  • Oral - You would not eat or drink food if you that pesticides contaminate it, would you? Fortunately, you can avoid it. If you have any plans of doing pest control, make sure you get yourself, your house, or business establishment ready. Do not leave your food uncovered. Make sure you prepare if there is a schedule for an exterminator to visit and do pest control. If fresh fruits are on the table, open cereal in a box or chips in the kitchen, for example, put them inside the fridge. Or store it in an airtight container so that food contamination will not happen. With this, you and your family can still eat it.

  • Respiratory - This is the most common kind of entry but this is avoidable. If pest control is done, whether through DIY methods or an exterminator, and liquid is used as pesticides or aerosols, the pesticides used remain in the air and are inhaled through your mouth or nose. After the pest control process, give it time. You may have to go out for a few hours or days before it is finally safe to go back. For some people, once they have a schedule for pest control, they book accommodation for their families and pets. By doing so, you are saving you and your family’s health from risk and danger. If you are unsure how long you should stay away, better ask your exterminator since they are the ones who know about the effects of the pesticides they are using. 

  • Dermal - Your eyes and skin can absorb pesticides especially if you have open wounds. If you have this, you better stay away from the place where pest control is done. 

Pesticide Poisoning

There are symptoms to check if you have been poisoned by pesticides. Some of the symptoms are headache, vomiting, dizziness, and nausea. Other signs are blurry vision, sweating, diarrhea, and excess saliva. More severe poisoning may also lead to chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, muscle weakness, and even seizures. To avoid poisoning, you have to be very cautious. Make sure to read the products’ label as this serves as your ultimate guide for safe and effective pest control. 

Reading the Pesticide Label

Reading a pesticide label only takes a few minutes but these few minutes are a very important part of pest control. The label is not included for the sake of having something on its container. It has a purpose and it is very crucial to understand and follow it seriously. Otherwise, you would not get good results at the end of the process. What is even more alarming is that it could put your health at risk as well as the people and pets around you.

What is the Purpose of the Pesticide Label?

Labels are important. It will tell you what the pesticide product can be used on. These labels tell you what kinds of insects or pests can be used effectively. It will serve as your guide on how to use, handle, and store the product safely. It will also tell you how often the product should be used for best effect and result. 

The Dangers of Pesticides 

Pesticides are popular for their effectiveness in killing or eliminating unwanted creatures in our home, garden, farm, or business. These are stored in the colon wherein it slowly damages it and poisons the body. Some people may think that they are safe from pesticide poisoning but in reality, there’s still a 50% chance that you are able to eat food that was exposed to pesticides without you knowing it. For example, the fruits and vegetables you eat may be contaminated. While eating vegetables and fruits is a healthy habit, there are some suppliers who use pesticides to get rid of insects or pests that damage the plant or tree where these foods are taken from.

Some people would say that these fruits and vegetables can be free from pesticides as long as you make sure to wash them before eating. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Exposing fruits or vegetables to pesticides can lead to the absorption of harmful substance and the chances are high. This cannot be easily washed away. Pesticides acquired from fresh fruits and vegetables would not kill you, yet we still need to avoid this as much as possible since it can be detrimental to our health.

According to studies, pesticides have been linked to different kinds of serious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, cancer, and birth defects.

Now that you know the harmful effects of pesticides on one’s health, it is up to you to make the healthy choices that will lead you to a better or healthier lifestyle.  

Are There Alternatives to Pesticides?

The answer is yes. Using pesticides is not your only option in getting rid of pests. There are actually a lot of DIY methods that are safe and at the same time, effective when it comes to pest control. Let’s see some examples of these pest control methods based on the kind of pests that we have to deal with. 


It may sound funny as we only see this in cartoons or comic books but having a cat pet in our house is an effective way to get these mice and rats out of your house. These creatures are afraid of cats so they will surely back off if they know or see a cat guarding your house. If there is a rat or mice infestation in your home and you have no cat to guard your property, using baits and traps is your very first option in eliminating them. Snap traps or glue traps will do the trick. You can buy these in stores and all you have to do is place it in spots where you think these creatures are staying and they will do the job for you. 


Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water. If you don’t want mosquitoes to fly around your home, best to eliminate them by removing or eliminating their breeding sites. Remove water from tires, flower and plant pots. Keeping your doors and windows close will also help. 


Food, warmth, and water attract these creatures the most. Make sure your place is always clean if you don’t want any cockroaches in your home. And though they can be seen in any part of your house, we normally find them in the kitchen area where there is enough food and water to eat. Make it a habit to clean as you go. Wash the dishes immediately after cooking or eating and wipe any crumbs or spills in the counter or table. Make sure your bins have lids too because they can easily crawl in the garbage to get food for themselves. 


Flies, just like cockroaches, go to places where there is food to eat. An effective fly control program begins with sanitation. Keeping your place clean is not a hard thing to do. Removing any decaying fruits, vegetables or plants is important as this is what attracts fly the most. Make sure the garbage can has tight lids so flies and other insects cannot easily enter inside. 

Bed Bugs

Using baking soda to kill bed bugs is one of the most popular options available. Sprinkling baking soda in the area where bed bugs typically inhabit like on the couch, bed, or mattress is an effective way of getting rid of them. Leave it for a while and vacuum the same area after a few days and you’ll surely see results. Baking soda is found to be effective as it’s known to cause dehydration and internal bleeding to bed bugs.  If these DIY methods don’t work and the number of pests becomes uncontrollable though, it is time for you to contact a professional who will take over and do the job for you.  

Professional Help From the Best

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