LED Vs Incandescent - Christmas Light Installation

October 17, 2017

Are you having a hard time deciding if you should get LED or incandescent Christmas lights? Let Go-Forth Pest Control help you make the right decision today with out guide below!

What's The Fuss About LED Christmas Lights?

Although the price of incandescent lights is cheaper than LED lights, LED Christmas lights are energy efficient and will be a good investment if you're buying them.  LED lights also cause less fires in homes and businesses. Incandescent lights spend 90% more energy than LED lights. They also must heat up the filament to produce light, making them a fire hazard. LED are the opposite-- they spend far less energy and they don't produce as much heat, making them much safer and cheaper. LED Christmas lights also have the same brightness as incandescent lights. Since LED light strings have more bulbs per string, so brightness is about the same.

Christmas Light Installation Services

If investing in new LED lights is not an option for you, you should consider hiring a professional Christmas light installer, they offer the latest LED lights, and they will hang the Christmas lights for you. They have the big ladders and other equipment to make the job much safer and easier for you. Check the Go-Forth Christmas light installation services in Winston-Salem/Greensboro if you're interested in a company helping you with this year's Christmas light decorations for the outside of your home or business.      


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