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June 4, 2020

Pests comprise a variety of insects that cause nuisances to humans and animals. Some destroy crops such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, and trees. These crop and lawn pests attack plants and can destroy an entire garden or farm. Others are also considered as household pests. This includes roaches, mice, bedbugs, and many more. They can cause illnesses, allergies to humans, and damages to properties.

To gather more information about the detrimental effects of pests, let's break this down into three categories. 

Destructive Pests

Destructive pests are subdivided into two categories, crop pests, and damaging house pests.

Lawn or crop pests are the most common problems of farmers and gardeners because these take a toll on their yearly income. Examples of these are as follows:


These pesky creatures feed on the fluids of plants, dehydrating the leaves and flowers as they go. In no time, the plants become unhealthy and spindly. Hence, they cannot generate the best quality for fruit production. Some species of aphids can ruin gardens entirely. This is why farmers make it a habit to treat their garden regularly to prevent infestation.


Slugs may be slow-moving pests but they are quick to attack edible plants such as vegetables and fruits. During the rainy season, they can massacre garden plants within 24 hours. Did you know that slugs can eat an entire row of seeds before they sprout? I can only imagine the damage and the loss of a farmer's experience because of these pests.


Beetles are pests that love to eat the leaves of plants. They target leafy vegetables that can ruin the growth of the plant. Many farmers resort to pesticides to eliminate beetles. However, this is not as effective to eliminate them since some species, including the vegetable beetle, can tolerate higher insecticide rates.

If you're dealing with these creatures, contact local Asheboro exterminators to help you. This way, they can set traps and baits to eliminate beetles. Plus, they can recommend natural parasites that prey on damaging beetles.

The second type of damaging pests includes destructive house pests. This includes cockroaches, mice, moths, termites, and many more. Experts believe that two of the most notorious include the termite and the mouse.

The termites are known as the silent destroyers. By the time you see signs of infestation, the damage will have been irretrievable. Once a colony establishes its habitat within your foundation, it takes weeks to cause extensive damage. This is not a surprise since one colony comprises one million termites who do not stop chewing.

Some people are even forced out of their homes because the foundation has become unreliable to protect them from calamities. To prevent termites from infesting, you need the assistance of a pest control professional such as Go-Forth Pest Control. Not only do they focus on extermination but also pest prevention.

Another damaging pest is the house mouse. Small as they are, they are intelligent creatures who can memorize the nooks and crannies of your house. This gives them the ability to assess the most secure areas to hide in. As laymen, it's almost impossible for us to pinpoint the source of mice infestation. If you don't apply proper pest control procedures, mice can damage your walls, floors, and appliances.

Did you know that mice are responsible for a significant number of house fires in the United States?  Due to their athletic nature, they can penetrate the ceiling and chew on electrical wiring which occasionally leads to fire.

Disease-Causing Pests


Mosquitoes are known as the most dangerous blood-sucking creature on earth. It can kill millions of people because of the severe diseases it can cause.


Dengue is a viral disease that is characterized by mild to severe symptoms in the body.  It is contracted by human beings through the bite of an infected female mosquito.  If this happens, watch out for the following symptoms: fever, rash, nausea, body pain, and low platelet count. Without immediate treatment, dengue can cause convulsions and even death. 


Malaria, also known as the traveler's disease, is a life-threatening sickness caused by mosquitoes.  It is difficult to detect because most of its symptoms are misdiagnosed as the common flu. Did you know that malaria kills hundreds of children in Africa every year? So if you're planning to go on vacation in another country, don't forget to consult medical professionals so they can administer vaccines and recommend anti-Malarial products you can use. 

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a type of hemorrhagic fever known for its ability to cause organ failure. The symptoms develop quickly within 3 to 6 days.  If you suspect yellow fever, watch out for these following symptoms: fever, chills, backache, jaundice, and muscle pain.  Never resort to self-diagnosing as it rarely works well for human beings.  Have your healthcare provider on speed dial so they can apply the necessary interventions to alleviate the symptoms as early as possible. 

Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis is an inflammation in the brain. It is a severe illness because its symptoms are only detected when the infection has already damaged the brain. The worst part is, Japanese encephalitis has no known treatment.  The best way to combat this disease is to prevent it by warding off mosquitoes from your environment. 


Another disease-causing insect is the cockroach. Aside from its disgusting nature, it is responsible for causing several diseases such as the following:


Salmonellosis is an infection that occurs in the intestinal tract. Once the body is infected, it takes 12 to 36 hours for the symptoms to develop. These symptoms include but are not limited to headaches, stomach pains, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. Most patients who contract salmonellosis recover within seven days without medical attention. However, if the patient is an infant, a child, or the elderly, they need instant medical intervention to prevent any complication due to severe dehydration. 

Coli Infections

The E. coli bacteria is common to all mammals. While other strands are not harmful, some cause intestinal complications. E. coli infections lead to medical conditions such as meningitis and urinary tract infection. Its common symptoms are stomach pain, nausea, fever, diarrhea, and dehydration. If untreated, this may lead to severe and permanent effects such as organ damage.


Dysentery, also known as stomach flu, is an inflammation in the colon. While this has the same symptoms as Salmonellosis, the feces of people with dysentery have mucus and blood.


Not only do rodents cause structural damage, but they also bring several types of diseases to human beings: 


Hantavirus is found in the urine and saliva of infected rodents. When humans get in contact with these excrements, it can lead to severe pulmonary disease. The symptoms include but are not limited to body pain, fever, and fatigue. Unfortunately, Hantavirus has no known treatment and vaccine. So, it's best to prevent rodent infestations to protect yourself and your family. 

Bubonic Plague

This plague has killed millions of people in the 14th century before. Bubonic Plague is a deadly bacteria that attacks the cells in the body. This ruins the ability of the immune system to fight off bacteria, leading to inflammation in the lymph nodes. So, you need to be mindful of its symptoms that include fatigue, fever, headache, and chills. Have yourself tended to by a professional before you develop complications. 


Leprosy, also known as Hansen's disease, is a chronic infectious disease that mainly affects the skin, limbs, upper respiratory tract, and eyes. This is caused by one's exposure to infected rodent droplets. Without treatment, the bacteria can cause skin ulcers, muscle weakness, and nerve damage.  In no time, it leads to severe disfigurement and disabilities.  Despite the popular belief, leprosy is not hereditary and it cannot be transmitted through human touch. The best way you can prevent this is to eliminate rodents in your area by calling a professional. 

Why Call A Professional?

According to experts, there are three main reasons why people should have pest control professionals on speed dial.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are important in our daily lives. Due to the diseases transmitted by pests, involving professionals such as local Asheboro exterminators will help secure our home and remove pests. Plus, they also provide lifetime protection and unlimited service to prevent pests and diseases from homes and establishments. 


As we have discussed, pests are known to attack food, clothing, structures, and other properties. With the help of pest control services, we can avoid damages and save ourselves the trouble of constant repairs and replacements.

Lesser Use Of Pesticides 

Professional pest control lessens the expenses of buying pesticides for homes and gardens. Plus, it prevents the illnesses and environmental effects of using toxic, synthetic chemicals. With this, we can have peace of mind that our family is safe from pesticide residue. Knowing the nuisances that pests can bring, it is not a surprise that most individuals look for reliable pest control companies to contact during emergencies. You can do the same. If you're worried about service prices, don't worry. Companies such as Go-Forth Pest Control offer their services at an affordable price.  For the ultimate protection against pests, do not hesitate to contact these professionals to achieve a secure and safe environment for your family. 

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