Mice & Rat Extermination In South Carolina (Columbia, SC Exterminators)

June 22, 2020

Rats and mice are two of the most common types of rodents. Both of these are destructive pests inside and outside the house. These creatures are nocturnal, attacking food stocks at night. Rodents also destroy belongings like fabrics, appliances, and carpets, and home structures, especially when it has food stains.

Knowing how disturbing these rodents are, disturbing since it relies on humans for food. Therefore, any possible entrance should be secured.

Differences Between Rats & Mice 

Some individuals are unaware that rats mice are different creatures. Because of this, they use a generic method for pest control. Little do they know that the differences between these pests play an important role in the extermination process. Here are characteristics that distinguish if a rodent is a rat or a mouse. 


These rodents vary in appearance. They differ in size, features, tail, and hair. Rats are bigger than mice. They grow up to ten inches long while mice are only two to four inches long. Rats have bigger heads compared to mice. However, rats have smaller ears relative to their body size. Mice, on the other hand, have smaller bodies but have bigger ears. Furthermore, the tails of rats can be as long as their body. It is thick and hairless. A mouse's tail, however, is shorter and thinner, covered by hair.

Lifespan, Habitat, & Food

Rats and mice have different lifespan. They also have a different preference for lifestyle choices and diet. Comparing the lifespan of rats and mice. Rats live for three to four years while mice live for one to two years. Both live near places where there is an abundant source of food. This includes households, establishments, garbage bins, and sewers.

When it comes to their diet, rats prefer fresh grains and fruits, eating up to 30 grams a day. Mice, on the other hand, eat whatever it wants, whether it is spoiled food or not. They can eat three grams of food per day.


This may come as a shock to some, but rats are more intelligent than mice. The bigger rodents cannot feed on the same spot for consecutive days. This makes it difficult to spot and eliminate them. In addition, rats are more cautious about what they eat. If they detect poison, they will leave the food behind.  This is why it is impractical to use these chemical strategies for rat control.

Rats are easier to eliminate mice. These creatures have no regard for what and where they eat. This makes them susceptible to baits and traps. All you need is a strategic placement of these assets to effectively exterminate mice.

Facts About Rats & Mice

These are not the only characteristics that make these rodents different from each other.  Here are more facts that allow us to distinguish these creatures and understand how we can eliminate them.


  • Rats hunt and feed on mice. Since these creatures are bigger and stronger than the latter, they can feed on their smaller cousins when they get desperate for food. Is it safe to say that a natural method to eliminate mice is to confine them with rodents? We ought to find out.

  • These creatures can swim for 3 days. How many pests do you know can swim this long? Yes, rats can swim longer than human beings without a floater! It doesn't matter if you're a river away, rats can definitely reach you.

  • Rats regulate their body temperature through their tails. These keep their body cool. No matter how hot the day gets, rats have a way of cooling themselves. It's an exceptional mechanism that allows them to survive the scorching heat.

  • They can reproduce at 4 weeks old. Afterward, they can reproduce consecutively every 3 weeks. The worst part is, rats can have 20 offspring in one cycle. Can you imagine how fast they can reproduce at this rate? All the more reason to upscale your methods for pest management.

  • Rats can get depressed. This is the only pest that displays human emotions. Experts believe that rats get sad and frustrated when they don't have food or when they have no one to play with. They always seek the company of one another to stay joyful and satisfied with their life.

  • Rats laugh when they’re happy. If you hear giggling sounds from your walls and ceilings, it might be the sound of rats tickling each other. Cute as they sound, do not be fooled by their human emotions because they are extremely destructive. If you hear scratching and laughing sounds, call an exterminator for rodents before the damage gets extensive.

  • The teeth of rats grow nonstop. This is one of the creepiest facts about rats. Now we know the reason behind their need to chew and gnaw on everything at any time. This characteristic makes them one of the most destructive pests on earth. If they get desperate, they gnaw on electrical wiring and could cause house fires.

  • Rats have an excellent sense of smell. These creatures have an outstanding sense of smell and can detect danger from a mile away.


  • Mice feed on their tails and feces when food is unavailable. Speaking of desperate, mice can eat each other when food is scarce. This might give you the idea to starve these creatures so they cannot survive in our environment.

  • They live in groups. Like the rat, mice seek a companion for security. If you catch a mouse at home, it doesn't mean that there are no other mice around. Observe your surroundings and find the nest. You will realize that the mouse you caught is only the tribute for foraging food. It has friends that lurk on the sidelines.

  • Mice are partially blind. They relies on its sense of smell, hearing, and touch. This gives you the idea that rat traps are effective to eliminate mice. Since they cannot see where they pass through, they have no idea that they're walking into a glue board. All they can sense is the bait you strategically placed in the middle of the trap.  

  • They can walk on thin wires and ropes. Mice are one of the most athletic and agile creatures. If you think you can prevent infestations by covering potential entryways, they can still infest by passing through overlapping branches and twigs to your home.

  • The tail of a mouse in the center of its balance. Once you cut it, the mouse can't get a sense of direction. This inhibits it to look for food and procreate. Eventually, it dies because of starvation, heat, or blood loss.

  • Mice eat 15 to 20 times a day. Indeed, these creatures have a ravenous appetite. Which is why you need to eliminate food sources so your home becomes unattractive to them.

Different Ways To Eliminate Rats & Mice

Some of the signs of rodent infestation include damages on food packaging, holes on walls and floors, and incessant scratching at night. If you witness any of these signs, it is a warning you need to upgrade your methods to eliminate mice and rats. If it is not given attention immediately, these creatures can cause more disturbance in the household. They can bring diseases and inflict damages to structures and properties.

The following are different ways to eliminate rats and mice:

Seek Professional Help

It is always best to seek the help of experts when dealing with pests, especially rats. Since they are cautious and suspicious about everything, it's hard to catch them with rat traps. Regular inspection from a professional is a great way to deal with these rodents and eliminate them for good. If you're afraid of the service prices, don't be—there are companies within your area that offer pest control services at an affordable price. Go-Forth Pest Control, for example, is a company in South Carolina that offers holistic protection against pests. The experts prioritize the needs of Columbia, SC residents and they provide their services at low costs without compromising the quality and competency of their work.


For eliminating mice, invest in traps, and place them strategically inside your house. Before you buy, be sure to inspect your surroundings to give you an idea about their population and size. This will define how many traps you need inside your house. Observe the feces of the rodents. The concentration of the excrements defines where they usually pass through, and how many they are. Place the traps on the areas where you see rodent feces and urine.

Order & Sanitation

This is the most cost-effective and practical way to eliminate and prevent rodents. As discussed, these creatures are attracted to food sources.  If they don't find some in your environment, they're likely to walk away. Practice effective housekeeping methods to eliminate rodents and other pests such as cockroaches and ants. Within weeks, you can see an improvement in your environment.

Get Help From Columbia, SC Exterminators

These are only a few of the countless strategies to eliminate rodents. While DIY procedures can work well to eliminate them, they become unreliable in severe infestations. During which case, you need the help of exterminators for rodents to deal with these pesky creatures. Have a professional on speed dial and contact them and every necessary. This will ensure the optimum protection against pests for your family.

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