Mouse Control Company Near Columbia, SC

January 25, 2019

If you are looking for a mouse control company near Columbia, SC and you want the best, keep reading because you are in luck. If you are looking for just a mediocre pest control company, or a not so inexperienced one, then this article is not for you.

Go-Forth Pest Control Company

If you have read this far, I assume you want the best–then Go-Forth Pest Control is the one for you. We have highly trained, highly skilled professionals who can take care of your pest control problems. We have a variety of service plans to meet your needs, be it in a residential or commercial setting. We assure you your satisfaction, because that is what we do. Proof of this is our overwhelmingly positive reviews on social media: be it on Facebook, Twitter, or Google. We have also delivered great quality service in different cities like High Point, Hickory, Greenville, Burlington, Jamestown, Asheboro, and many others. We have exterminated their pests, including the much dreaded mouse.


Mice are not cute, they are pests. They crawl into our cabinets, on our tables, they steal our food, and they leave their droppings. They are also known to carry diseases, and plagues throughout history point to these creatures as the source of these diseases. Rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, hemorhhagic fever with Renal Syndrome, and Lassa fever are just among the diseases directly transmitted by mice. They breed rapidly and can adapt easily to ever changing conditions.

The house mice are gray in color, with cream colored bellies. They have pointed muzzles and have four legs. They may be up to 3.75 inches long excluding the tail.

Signs Of Infestation

First sign is when you actually see one roaming around your house. That is obvious that you now have a mouse problem. Droppings, fresh gnawing on papers, books, cereal boxes, and plastic are good indications that they are there, too.


One way to keep the mice out of you home is to seal off all holes larger than a dime. Remove off the floor, as mice can hide hide there. Store food in sealed glass or metal containers, as they can still bite off plastic containers. Set-up mouse traps at strategic places in your homes. If all else fails, then there is Go-Forth Pest Control company. They have extermination professionals who are well equipped to tackle your rodent problems.

So who is Go-Forth Pest Control and why should we trust them? For one, Go-Forth has been around for 59 years now. They have excellent experience not only in mice control, but also with many other pest problems like cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and many others. Then they have highly skilled professionals and friendly ones at that. The company has a special team of technicians who can evaluate your homes or offices on what type of service that is just right for you.

They have established their presence in Columbia and have worked closely with several homeowners as well as business owners in eliminating pests within the area. Just dial 803-667-4818 to set an appointment.

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