The Mighty Roar Of The Mirid Bug

September 28, 2015

Have you ever heard the roar of a mirid bug? Unfortunately, no one has because the sound is too weak for human ears to hear. There are two species of mirid bug that make a sound similar to the roar of a lion but scientists aren’t sure how they do it. Scientists only learned of it because the sound causes small vibrations among the leaves where the insects live.

The Team That's Learning More About The Mirid Bug

Valerio Mazzoni of the Edmund Mach Foundation and his team used a laser vibrometer, which amplifies vibrations, to make these roars audible. Mazzoni related that the amplified sound makes you feel like there is a lion or tiger right beside you! Mirid bugs only roar while walking but they don’t visibly rub part of their body to make the sound like a cricket. Mazzoni concludes it must have a specific organ inside the abdomen that makes the sound.   To read more visit:

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