Minimizing Termite Damage: Getting Rid Of Termites In Greenville, SC

July 10, 2020

If you are to spend big money on a house, you would naturally want it to be worth it. Don’t you? Whether you are building a new one or buying from an original owner, a house will probably be your biggest and most important investment. This is why just like in any business investments, due diligence is such an important step in purchasing a home.

termites on wood trim

When one buys a home, the buyer considers the location; is it safe for the family, is it near schools, shopping malls, churches, hospitals? Is it a friendly neighborhood? Does it have a low crime rate? These are the things buyers check for. But one thing most people neglect to check for is if the house is free of pests. In particular, they fail to check for wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants and, of course, the dreaded termites.

Carpenter ants and termites are the two most destructive insects in American homes. Yet they are the less visible among all pests. It is not because they are as small as bed bugs or fleas. But because they operate silently, hidden behind walls.

This article focuses more on termites. Pests that are so destructive that they cause billions of dollars in damages around the world. Not only that, they cause millions more in needed repairs.

If you want to buy a house, you may want to find out more about these insects. Read on.

Why Have The House Inspected?

We all know how exciting it is to buy something new; a new car, a new pet, new clothes, new gadgets. Nothing beats the thought of buying a new house though. However, the desire to buy a new house that is beautiful but inexpensive can lead to a dark and destructive path. This is what has happened to many people. This has got to do more with pests than anything else.

There are some people who think that a thorough pest inspection before purchasing a house is not necessary. They simply settle for an eye test around the house. But the truth is most of the buyers do not really know what to look for. They think that insecticide sprays can resolve a few mosquitoes around. A mouse can be resolved with a mousetrap. What they totally miss with this method is the presence of termites. Besides, there are some unscrupulous sellers who would only want a quick buck out of buyers. Also, would just push for the sales immediately, making buyers forget about a thorough house inspection.

Some buyers judge by what the neighboring houses look like; if it seems like the neighbors do not have any problems with their own houses, then the house in question probably does not have any problems either. Some go by the owner’s words that there are no insect problems there. However, once you push through with the sale without making an inspection, it would cost you a lot more to evict millions of termites and to repair the damage they caused. This will make a huge hole in your bank account.

This is why it is very important to have a pest inspection, which is different from the home inspection, done by a professional. It has to be a part of your paperwork. Your offer of buying their home should be based on the condition that the house meets all the minimum standards that you have determined that you can live with.

Sometimes a small infestation can be solved with a small outlay of noxious chemicals, but if the infestation is a bit on the heavy side, you may have to slowly back out of the deal.

Call A Good Inspector

Of course, this should be at the expense of the owner, but if you are feeling a bit charitable, then you can pay for it. It is up to you.

A good inspector will not be in a rush to finish things up immediately and will take their time to inspect the house thoroughly. Pests do not go out of their way to greet humans when they arrive, so the pest inspectors will have to crawl into the areas that are totally out of the way, like the basement and attic to look for them.

Before you ask a pest control professional to look over your future home, ask them some questions first. See if they are licensed, though licensing differs from one state to another, so you should be aware of the laws of your new area.

While doing the inspection, the pest control professional should be able to answer all your questions as well as point out where the problems are.

Termites Do Not Choose The House They Eat

A lot of times, people think that termites infest only the low-quality houses, condominiums, and apartment units, but this could not be further from the truth. Any house can serve as their own dwellings, and any wood-destroying insect can live in a million-dollar mansion and the owners would not know that their expensive wood is being eaten up.

Termites are the most notorious of all the wood-destroying insects, even though there are other insects that damage wood like carpet beetles, carpenter ants, and silverfish. These pests love wood, but they leave different trails and evidence that only seasoned professionals can detect. The inspector should be able to give you a full report on his findings. 

Termite Damage

Termite damage is always bad news to a homeowner. Once the inspector finds out that there indeed is a termite infestation in the house, it would affect the outcome of the transaction.

If damage has been done to the wood structure of the house, repairs may be needed immediately. Some damage could be visible, but most of them are not seen through the naked eye. To find out about the extent of the damage, you may have to move appliances and furniture, walls and ceilings will have to be opened, remove carpets and rugs, and even some excavation might be needed. Some people get the shock of their lives after doing these things. Doing these might be the only way to find out if termites are there in the house; if you fail to do these you could be moving in on a house that is not only heavily infested but has severe damage to its structure and eventually could cost you thousands of dollars in repair.

There also might be latent damage already. To find out, you will have to have invasive testing performed on the house, which could be expensive. This will be performed by specialists and qualified contractors. This might be the only way for you to find out about any latent damage so it can be fixed.

In case the inspector clears the house and says there is no termite damage, you should have it documented. If any termite damage does exist, you will have these documents to back you up.

Termites can damage wood in no time, that is why you should always make sure to have your home treated as soon as you find out that there are termites in your home.

How To Find The Best Pest Control Company

These days, it is easy for people to act as experts, even if they are not. All they need is a website and social media that say they are experts. The same is true in the pest control industry. Everyone can act like a professional. That is why when you hire a professional like termite exterminators in Greenville, ask for their license. Normally, a pest control professional renews his license every year, so you will have to check for that. It actually depends on the state you are in.

You can also check if the pest control company is licensed by the National Pest Control Management Association. This is a sure sign that what you will get are top-notch services.

Ask around for recommendations. If your neighbors and relatives attest to a pest control company, then it must be good.

You may also check for the highly recommended companies in Google and on social media. If you are from Greenville, and you are not sure not as to who to call for your termite infestation problems, just remember the name Go-Forth Pest Control. 

Why Go-Forth Pest Control?

Go-Forth Pest Control is a well-established pest control company with 61 years of excellent experience in getting rid of pests like termites, roaches, rats, mice, bed bugs poisonous spiders, moths, weevils, wasps, mosquitoes, ants, flies, and many others. If these insects are your problem, then Go-Forth Pest Control has the solution.

Go-Forth will work with you with the best course of action to take. Then they have the best and the most advanced equipment in the business, handled by their highly-skilled and well-trained technicians. You can never go wrong with Go-Forth Pest Control.

Go-Forth Pest Control has earned the trust of residents and businesses in Greenville for 61 years. For more information, or to set an appointment, just dial 336-841-6111. Our friendly operators are standing by.

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