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June 9, 2020

Nowadays, it is not good to be confident when you go out or even when you are inside your house due to the presence of pests. There are several vermin that can cause problems for you, your family, and property but among those, the most dangerous one is mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes will always belong to the pest family. They are small yet the problems they bring create a huge mess as they mostly target the health of humans. With their bites, they can make you sick and will let you spend money on hospital expenses. Mosquitoes will always be the enemies you would not want to reconcile because they can be the reason for your illness or death.

When you have mosquitoes, it is best to eliminate them before they begin an infestation because once they infest your home, it will be a threat for you and your family. When you have the pest, mosquito exterminators in Greensboro is what you need because professionals know more about the pest–habitat, breeding, food preference, and health risks. With an expert helping you, your home will be free from mosquitoes. Professionals will eliminate the pest using the best and most effective treatments that you can't acquire in the market.

If you have mosquitoes, here are the things you need to know and what you can do to get rid of them.

Are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

When danger is the matter, mosquitoes never fail. The pest is extremely dangerous because they are carriers of several diseases that lead to fatalities. You should know that you are not the only one that can suffer from mosquitoes but around the world, almost everyone experiences mosquito infestations and borne diseases.

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the world. They do not have sharp teeth or fangs like other ferocious animals in the wild, but with their bites, you can die. This is because mosquitoes carry deadly viruses that mostly target humans and some of these diseases are malaria, chikungunya, dengue fever, and encephalitis. The mosquito-borne diseases will not only deteriorate your health, but it can also be the cause of your death. Millions of people around the world are dying due to mosquitoes and you do not want to join the number so what you need to do is get rid of the pest as quickly as possible.

Mosquitoes should not be ignored or taken lightly because they are dangerous. With their mosquito bites, they can threaten you and your family’s health. If you want to have a mosquito-free home, what you need is the help of mosquito exterminators in Greensboro, NC.

Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Like ants, roaches, and rodents, mosquitoes also bite, and it can be deadly. Through biting, the pest can easily transmit viruses that can severely affect your health. Female mosquitoes will mostly bite you as they need your blood for developing and laying eggs. They are like vampires that will attack you when you do not notice them. Some of them have viruses and if infected mosquito bites you, expect to acquire diseases that the pest carries.

Though not all mosquitoes will bite you, being careful is a must because you cannot identify the ones that have viruses from those that do not have. You are unlucky if a female mosquito that carries a disease bites you. The pest can transmit dengue, chikungunya, or malaria. The bites of mosquito will leave an itchy sensation and red bumps that can last for days. You will not notice them biting you because their saliva serves as anesthesia. That’s why you will only get to know that you are bitten once the itchiness comes.

Remember to avoid yourself from mosquito bites if you want to be healthy. Make sure to call mosquito exterminators in Greensboro for better pest elimination.

Diseases Spread By Mosquitoes

If you are not aware of the diseases that mosquitoes spread, you need to know them now. So that you will have an idea if you acquire them (we hope not!).

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease that Aedes aegypti species of mosquitoes carries. The virus usually spreads in Southeast Asia but can also occur in the United States. When a mosquito bites you that carries dengue, you can experience several symptoms. Some of these are fever, joint pains, muscle pains, and headaches. The disease can worsen and if you do not receive immediate treatment, you can die from it. You can acquire the disease more than once. You should not feel complacent because you can experience the same disease twice or more. 


Malaria is another deadly disease that mosquitoes transmit. It is the most widely known disease as it occurs almost around the world. The Anopheles mosquito transmits the disease. The common symptoms are sweating, headaches, diarrhea, limb pains, and chilling. It can worsen by affecting your nervous system. Yearly, almost a million die from malaria, and children are the common victims. You should be careful around mosquitoes especially if you are living in warm places as mosquitoes are highly active.

Zika Virus

Mosquitoes don’t only affect children and adults, but even pregnant women can also suffer from mosquito-borne diseases. Zika virus is another disease that the pest carries which is dangerous for pregnant and unborn babies. The diseases can cause microcephaly wherein the skull of the baby will reduce. Pregnant women that are still in their first trimester are more prone to the disease. While pregnant and mosquito bites and infect you, the virus can be passed to your unborn baby which is risky.

These are some of the diseases that you can get from mosquitoes. If you don’t want to get any of these, what you need is the help of mosquito exterminators in Greensboro NC.

How To Eliminate Mosquitoes

When you have mosquitoes, the first thing you do is eliminate them. There are several ways on how you can get rid of the pest. Here are ways to make it happen.

Get Rid Of Standing Water

Mosquitoes come when you have standing water in your property. The pest breeds in water so if they find out that you have water sources, they will immediately come and breed. Female mosquitoes will first feed on you to get the nutrients they need and after, they will find a breeding place and that’s the standing water you have at home. If you get rid of standing water, even the small pool in a bottle cap, you are stopping the pest from populating.

Spray Mosquito Repellents

Since mosquitoes are stubborn, you should do something that will make them follow your command. You need to use mosquito repellents as it helps in getting rid of the pest and preventing them from approaching you. Spraying repellents all around the house will keep them at bay and there are mosquito repellents you can apply on your skin so that they will not bite you. When you repel mosquitoes, they will not be able to bite you and that prevents you from acquiring diseases.


Mosquitoes can quickly become cozy in your property when they find clutter. Yes, the mess you have at home is what the pest likes because they can find a place to stay and can breed without worries. If you want to eliminate them, you have to declutter. Remove piles of papers, woods, and more that can be a hiding place for mosquitoes. Mow your yard regularly so that the pest will not be able to stay behind tall grasses. Old tires should be eliminated because mosquitoes will make it their home.

If all things fail, what you need is the expertise of mosquito exterminators in Greensboro, NC!

Why Hire Go-Forth Pest Control?

If there is a company that can help you all the time with your pest problems, that’s none other than Go-Forth Pest Control. They are your mosquito exterminator near Greensboro, NC!

The company has been serving North Carolina for more than 50 years. They have a long experience in eliminating pests like mosquitoes so rest assured that your pest problems are handled effectively. With their decades of pest control experience, you will never have regrets and doubts about hiring them.

Go-Forth Pest Control is the leader of safe and effective pest control because they use human and pet-friendly extermination methods and treatments that will not put your safety at risk. You do not have to worry as well because when the company works, they ensure that no damage will be done to your property and environment.

With the company, your pest worries will be resolved instantly because they are fully equipped and always create the best treatment plans that work for your property. Whether your residential or commercial property is infested, the company can keep it pest-free in no time.

Go-Forth Pest Control always succeeds in their works because they have highly trained, expert, and licensed pest technicians who are professional and consistent in doing their job.

If you have mosquitoes or other pests, no need to worry because Go-Forth Pest Control is here to save you. Call them at 1-800-841-6113 today! Hurry!

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