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June 9, 2020

You hear a light buzzing sound. It is so irritating that you look around to find out where the source is. Then you feel something on your skin, then a piercing sensation. You automatically slap that part of your skin because you recognize what it is: a mosquito has just bitten you. Immediately, your normal reaction is to look for your mosquito spray and spray each part of your house. Then you check your kids and put on some mosquito repellent on them. You can never be too safe with mosquitoes around. You then warn them about the presence of mosquitoes somewhere and that they should be on the lookout.

Such is the effect of a mosquito inside the house. It is like having a dangerous virus lurking in your home. These precautions mentioned above are warranted. If you think the most dangerous creatures on earth are snakes, or lions, crocodiles, cobras, sharks, or black widow spiders, then think again. The title belongs to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures on the planet. They have caused more deaths than all the wars in history combined. They continue to kill millions of people all over the world. This is why local mosquito exterminators in Richmond continue to be busy fighting off these menaces to society.

But why are mosquitoes so dangerous? Let us take a closer look at these mass murderers.

Mosquito Overview

Mosquitoes are tiny insects that are .125 inches to .75 inches in length and weigh .000089 ounce. Female mosquitoes suck blood in order to get proteins to fertilize their eggs, but both female and male mosquitoes feed on nectar from flowers for their own nourishment. As the female mosquitoes suck blood from their human hosts, they are able to transmit diseases, aside from the ugly bite marks on the skin that are itchy and irritating.

There are more or less 3,000 identified species of mosquitoes. But only three of them are responsible for the spread of the diseases.

There are indeed a lot of creatures that look more menacing but do not have enough body count to show. Some of the diseases they spread are dengue, malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and Zika virus.

You must be wondering why only the female mosquitoes bite; they are the only ones that have the necessary mouthparts to be able to suck blood. They have two tubes, one is to insert enzymes that would prevent blood clotting, and the other is for sucking blood.

Mosquitoes have very poor eyesight so they rely on their other senses. They cannot see their potential hosts clearly. Mosquitoes home in on their next blood meal through the carbon dioxide emitted by humans. They also use the scent from human perspiration.  

Mosquito Bites

Immediately after being bitten, you would notice a round, reddish bump on your skin that can also be very itchy. You may either spot just one, or you would find several of these bites on your skin.

You might be able to feel a stinging sensation during a bite, but it is not as painful as an ant’s sting. After that, itchiness may follow. Most of the time, mosquito bites would just go away on its own after a couple of days. However, some people may have impaired immune systems, and this could cause several problems. These people could have severe allergic reactions. And since mosquito bites can be itchy, scratching it may lead to infection.

While mosquito bites heal on its own, you may want to take extra precautions and treat them. by washing the bite with soap and water. If you feel some pain, an over the counter pain medication and anti-itch medication can help. You may also apply an ice pack on the bite to relieve itching.  

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

If it still does not convince you that mosquitoes are really dangerous, we have here a list of a few diseases they transmit.

So let us get down to it.


This is a painful, debilitating, and life-threatening disease. Dengue fever is caused by one of four viruses and transmitted through the bite of the Aedes mosquito. The four dengue viruses are Dengue viruses 1, 2, 3, and 4. Since there are four different viruses that cause dengue fever, a person may get the disease four times during his lifetime. Dengue is the number one cause of illnesses and deaths in tropical and subtropical countries. The estimated number of infections is from 390 to 400 million worldwide.

While this disease is not common in the U.S., it normally occurs in tropical countries like Africa, Mexico, the Pacific Islands, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Central and South America. Symptoms include severe headaches, sudden high fever that lasts for a week, a tendency to bruise easily, black and tarry stools, pain behind the eyes, vomiting, difficulty breathing, nausea, skin rash, and bleeding nose or gum. For now, there is no known treatment for dengue.  


Malaria is a deadly disease caused by a bite from a female Anopheles mosquito that is infected by the parasite called Plasmodium parasite which the mosquito transfers to a human. In the United States, malaria is a result of increased travel by Americans to countries where the parasites are endemic. Americans who get the parasite return back to the U.S. With this, transmission happens when another mosquito bites the infected person. Then transfers to another person which effectively spreads the parasites. Other means of transmission could be through blood transfusion, sharing of needles, or organ transplants.

The initial symptoms are fever, headache, muscle aches, nausea, muscle aches, chills, and tiredness. If not treated within 24 hours, malaria can progress to severe illness and even death. See your health care provider immediately if you suspect having the disease.

West Nile Fever

This is the most common mosquito-borne disease in the United States. Of the people who gets the infection, only 80 percent are asymptomatic. Symptoms usually show from 3 days to two weeks after getting the bite. A person who has mild symptoms will recover fast. Signs that a person has West Nile fever are mild fever, headaches, body aches, and numbness. Other symptoms are body rashes, muscle weakness, diarrhea, vision loss, swollen lymph glands, and paralysis.

However, for people with severe cases, there are meningitis and permanent brain damage. When it affects the central nervous system, death can occur. The elderly or those with medical conditions are at higher risk of getting severe symptoms. If you think you have West Nile fever, seek health care immediately. Your health care provider can order tests to verify if you contracted the virus.

Yellow Fever

One of the symptoms of yellow fever is jaundice that appears in some of the patients, thus the name. Most people who gets the infection show no symptoms. But, those with symptoms will have a fever, chills, severe headache, body pains, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and weakness. Out of these people who show symptoms, a smaller percentage may have a more severe phase within one day. They will have jaundice, high fever, dark urine, abdominal pains, bleeding in the eyes, nose, mouth, and stomach. After this, the patients may die after 7 to 10 days.

Zika Virus

This is a disease that is caused by the Zika virus. This disease is spread by the Aedes species, which is a species that is active during the day. The symptoms for this disease are fever, rashes, headaches, joint pain, and red eyes and may last for several days to a week. These symptoms appear within one week to two weeks but are mild and not fatal. There is no vaccine yet for Zika. But people who already got the infection has already developed immunity from it.


We are not totally defenseless against mosquitoes and their bites. There are ways to get rid of them. Here are a few tips you can follow.

1. Remove old items like used tires, old cans, broken or clogged rain gutters, outdoor faucets, street gutters, and plastic containers. These items can store water for a long time.

2. Use a mosquito net in the bedroom when sleeping to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

3. Install tight-fitting windows and put a screen on it. Make sure that you close your doors and windows at all times.

4. Use mosquito repellents with the active ingredient DEET for added protection. Apply these on your skin.

5. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when going outdoors for added protection.

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