Peppermint Oil To Get Rid Of Mice

December 5, 2018

When trying to get rid of mice in our homes, it’s acceptable how we often look at how we can resolve it with the materials and items that we already have at home – through natural methods to be exact. First of all, natural methods can be very cheap and it can even be more effective than those items that contain a lot of chemicals and hazardous content. If you’re going to use peppermint oil, you still need to consider a lot of things in order for your approach to be effective.

Get Rid Of Mice Fast!

First, make sure to get the right stuff. And by stuff we mean brand, purpose, form content and etc. But most importantly, see to it that the product you’re going to use is made out of 100% peppermint oil or something that is specifically created to keep mice away. Don’t worry though, as these type of peppermint oil products are every easy to get a hold of as these can be bought from any local grocery stores. Moreover, you can even buy them from online shopping stores.

Second, see to it that you use the right amount of peppermint oil. While mice can be small creatures, they are strong in number. And by resorting to home made remedies, you might not want to use products little by little. The goal for peppermint oil here is to use it as a replacement for a strong mice deterrent, which means the smell of mint oil should be made strong and in order for you to achieve that, you will be needing to use a reasonable amount of oil. We advise you to use at least 5 mint oil drops on the cotton balls in which you will be placing on the entry points.

Third is to make sure you put the cotton balls in the right spots. You would want to place the soaked cotton balls in entrances where the mice would usually pass through. Remember that the goal is for the mice to smell the mint oil even before they enter your home so that they wouldn’t attempt to come in anymore.

Fourth step is to maintain the peppermint aroma in the spots you’ve placed the cotton balls in. The strong smell of the mint will somehow wear off over time and it will eventually lose it’s ability to repel the mice. So make sure that you keep track of how your cotton balls smell so that you can infuse it again with mint oil as needed.

The last thing to remember is of course, to understand the limits of this home remedy. We assure you, peppermint oil is a great mouse deterrent, but the effectivity will still vary on the severity of the infestation you’re dealing with. And so, in order to make sure that you’re dealing with the problem effectively, it is advisable that you call in Go-Forth Pest Control services. Let us help you fix the mice problem in your building. Give us a call now!

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