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June 26, 2020

Pests are silent predators and silent destroyers. These are the creatures that feed on our blood, cause illnesses and destroy our belongings. Whatever season it is, there will always be pests lurking around your home. There will always be anxiety and fear as to what they can bring to the family. This is why pest infestations need to stop.

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One way to eliminate these pesky creatures is by understanding what they are and what they do. This information allows us to assess their habits and life cycles to know their weak spots. Are you ready to understand some of the common pests at home? Here are a few:

Most Common Pests In The Household

House Mice

Despite the illnesses and nuances brought by mice, many people still underestimate their existence at home. These pests are one of the most common rodents that infest homes worldwide. They are responsible for structural damage, property damage, and human illnesses. Hence, the need for pest control measures.

Once they get inside your house, they chew on everything including your food packaging, clothing, mattresses, and furniture. Other times, they bore holes on walls and floors so they can hide. These activities lead to expensive repair and replacement costs.

Another nuisance they bring is illnesses such as Hantavirus, salmonellosis, bubonic plague, and amoebiasis. I'm sure most of you already heard about these diseases and their effects on human beings. Knowing how lethal these can be, you have to take necessary steps to prevent if not eliminate pest infestations.

If you suspect a mouse infestation, watch out for these signs:

1. Droppings. Mice excrements are small, black specks that are about 1/4 inch in length and are pointed on both ends. If you see excrements with blunt ends, that could be a sign of a rat infestation. If so, there is a different method on how you can eliminate these rodents species. See how concentrated these droppings are and where they're located. This will indicate their population and site of activity.

2. Another sign of a mouse infestation is the musky odor they cause. This smell comes from their urine. If you observe where the smell comes from, it indicates where they nest.

3. Gnawed Holes. It is not a surprise that mice and rats can create holes on your floors and walls. Millions of American residents spend thousands of dollars to repair the damages brought by these creatures. So how do you know if your home is infested by a mouse or a rat?  Observe the hole. If it is precisely cut and the diameter is as small as a dime, it is a mouse's work. But if it's bigger with rougher edges, it is the work of a rat.

4. The most common sign of a mouse infestation is the scratching and chewing sounds at night. Yes, these creatures are more active when everybody's asleep. This is their chance to forage food and create passageways all over your home.

People think that the sounds that mice produced at night are faint. But to most of us who experienced it firsthand, it's almost impossible to sleep with their incessant chewing and scratching. This is the reason why people have pest control company that exterminate mice on speed dial. Whenever they observe signs, they know better than to let it slip another day.


This might be one of the most disgusting creatures that ever walked the planet. Despite the nuisances they bring to households and establishments, many still choose to underestimate cockroach infestations. Did you know that these creatures dwell on the dirtiest places on earth such as pipes, sewers, and canals? It is no surprise that they carry with them pathogens that can cause illnesses to human beings.

As they walk through your compartments, utensils, and food packaging, the bacteria, and viruses they harbor, spread. This increases your chances of getting sick. Cockroaches cause food poisoning, salmonellosis, Amoebiasis, and many more. If this doesn't alarm you, think about your children. Their immune system is not as strong as yours. They can easily contract diseases brought by these pests.

There are a few common signs of a cockroach infestation. The first one is an unusual smell. When housekeepers sense an unusual odor, they readily assume that it is caused by molds or dirt. Cockroaches never come to mind. Little do they know that this unpleasant smell comes from cockroaches since they taint everything they get in contact with. You might not see the mark, but you know that bacteria already dwells on these objects.

The second sign of an infestation is cockroach droppings. Cockroaches secrete excrements that are smaller than a mouse's. These are small, black, round specs that you can find on floors, compartments, and countertops. If you see it, observe the concentration level and the location. This indicates their activity site and their population. Feel free to apply pest control procedures on and near these areas.


This creature is one of the worst problems of pet handlers, pet lovers, and pet-related businesses. It is a pest that needs to be prevented that all times.  Otherwise, one can spark a full-on infestation within months.

There is a variety of ways of how your pet can catch fleas. It could be through walking on the street or playing in the park. Your pet can also catch fleas by playing with another infested animal. Whatever the case is, you have to learn how to protect your pooch from these pesky insects or else they can cause illnesses such as tapeworms, skin allergies, and anemia.

Although anemia on pets is rare, it is not impossible, especially in severe infestations. During which case, the amount of blood consumed by these pests is greater than what is secreted. Anemia usually happens to old dogs, small dogs, and small breeds. The symptoms include but are not limited to lethargy, lack of appetite, insomnia, and paleness. If you've been with your pet for a long time and experience sudden behavioral changes, there might be something wrong with their bodies. So, you have to be more observant of everything that happens in your pet's daily life.


People are torn if spiders are a threat or an important aspect of the ecosystem. To settle this dilemma, people have to understand that most spiders are harmless. There are only a few species that can cause adverse effects to people they bite.

Despite the popular belief, the venom from spiders is not enough to kill a human being. It is specialized to paralyze their prey before feeding on them.  This dose is not as strong to kill bigger mammal species. While it can cause necrosis or skin allergies on the bite site, the side effects are treatable with over the counter medications.

If you were bitten by a spider, you can alleviate the pain and the swelling by cleaning the bite site with soap and water. If you can apply ice and antibiotics immediately, do so. You can also take pain medications to alleviate the pain. However, if more severe symptoms start to emerge, contact a local health professional to tend to your needs.

Though spiders are beneficial to the environment, there are instances when they cause nuisances, especially in great numbers. During which case, you can see actual spiders running around the house. You can see their webs, egg sacs, and their prey.  If you don't want spiders in your area, contact pest control professionals such as Go-Forth Pest Control. This way, you won't have to feel that spiders on your own.  Plus, you can ensure that the process for pest management is safe and effective.

Bed Bugs

This creature is also known as the human silent predator. They feed on their victims when people are asleep. During which case, they use their saliva as an anesthetic and a blood thinner. So, they can easily feed without getting noticed.

The common signs of a bed bug infestation include the presence of the insect itself. If you have light-colored bedding, you can easily detect bedbugs crawling on your sheets. Another sign of an infestation is bed bug shedding. If you brush your mattress using a stiff comb, you can see exoskeletons or shed skin from the bed bug nymphs. Other times, you can also see blood stains and blood marks on your pillow and sheets.

Do not underestimate bed bug infestations for they can cause Lyme disease, skin allergies, and many more. All the more reason to have Salisbury pest control on your speed dial. This way, if you spot any sign of infestation, these experts can act on it immediately and neutralize the threat. 

See The Assistance Of A Professional For A More Effective Strategy

These are only a few of the common pests that infest houses. Seeing the nuisances they bring to the family, it is important to apply pest management methods to prevent them. Better yet, seek the assistance of a professional for a more effective strategy for pest control.

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