Pest Control Near Me For Gnats

September 17, 2018

Gnats are flying insects that have many species. Usage of the term “gnats” varies. Some used the term exclusively for flying insects that do not bite, others use it for both fungus gnats and non-biting flying insects.

Types Of Gnats Found In Households

Fungus Gnats – also called “winter gnats.” This species measures about 2-8 millimeters. They are attracted to light and mostly found flying near the lights. They feed on fungi, decaying plant material, and plant roots which may interfere in the growth of the plant. They may also carry parasites such as Pythium which can cause a rare deadly disease called Pythiosis that affects human, cats, and dogs. This gnat species may invade human’s house that has plants inside.

Eye Gnat – also called “grass fly.” They are shiny black species measuring about 1/16 inch. They are often perched in human’s face because they are attracted to eye discharge and other mucus secretion. They may carry and transmit eye diseases such as conjunctivitis (sore eyes).

Buffalo Gnat – also called “black flies.” They measure about 2-5 millimeter, long-legged, weak fliers and often have resemblance to mosquito. Like mosquito’s behavior, male buffalo gnat feeds on nectar while their female counterpart feeds on human blood to get protein that is needed to develop their eggs. These females are the ones who may spread diseases to human and livestock.

Sand Gnats – also called “sand fly.” They are mostly found in sand area like on the beach. They are brown in color and measures from 1.5-5 millimeter. Their unique V-shaped wings may help you identify it from other flying insects. They bite and suck human blood. Sand gnat bite is far worse than a mosquito bite. Through bite, they may transmit diseases such as Leishmania, Oraya Fever, Carrison’s disease, Sandfly Fever Virus, Toscana Virus, Chagres Virus, and Punta Toro Virus.

Effective Gnat Control Methods

• Use insecticide containing d-limonene, linalool, or Pyrethrin Aerosol.

• Use eucalyptus, citronella and lavender oil. It may come in candle, oil, or spray form.

• Mix boric acid and borax. This mixture is also effective in controlling other pests.

• Use electronic traps. Trap works in getting rid of many types of gnats and flies. It works by attracting insects with its light, then shock them when they’ve entered the trap.

• Do not expose fruits. Most gnats’ primary food sources are fruits. Store fruits properly and dispose of peels immediately outside the house.

• Use apple cider vinegar trap. Mix apple cider vinegar with liquid dish soap in a transparent cup. The smell of it will attract gnats. Then once gnats go near the mixture they can be drowned.

• Make red wine trap. Also works like apple cider vinegar trap but red wine should be pure.

• Make banana trap. Put banana peels into a jar, cover the jar using a plastic, then pinch the plastic cover using a sewing needle to create small holes. Make sure that the gnats will fit in the holes.

• You can also buy ready to use traps specifically designed for gnats.

• Pour bleach into a sink. Drainage is where gnats are breeding.

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