Pest-Free Vacation Planning Checklist With Go-Forth Pest

April 21, 2014

Our High Point, NC pest control experts have the knowledge to help you make sure your vacation is pest-free from start to finish. Below we have outlined some points to ensure that your home and your belongings remain pest-free during any upcoming vacations.

Vacations should be a great time to relax and get away from your troubles, following these tips will keep your next vacation free of pest infestations at home and while away.  

What To Do Before You Leave

Before leaving your home for an extended period of time it is important to take precautions to avoid an infestation from fleas, roaches or any other pests. Make sure any food that may attract pests is tightly packaged and put away, and that all doors and windows are properly sealed before departing. If you live in a home that has past pest-related issues, consider a pre-vacation treatment to deal with any dormant eggs and prevent a widespread infestation while you are gone.

    • Pack up Food
    • Close & Seal Doors/Windows
    • Perform Pre-vacation Pest Treatment

What To Do Upon Arrival

Wherever your next destination may be, you should do a quick check for bed bugs upon arrival. Pull back the bed sheets and look for any black dots or signs of blood, especially by the walls and the seams of the mattress. Wherever you are staying, it is also important to avoid keeping luggage on the ground or on any upholstered furniture. Use a luggage rack or a dresser whenever possible.

    • Check Bed Sheets for Bed Bugs
    • Check Walls & Corners for Bed Bugs
    • Check Mattress Seams for Bed Bugs
    • Check Furniture Upholstery for Bed Bugs

What To Do When Departing

When it is time to return to your normal routine, it is a good idea to take precautions to ensure you haven’t brought any unwelcome pests home with you. Washing all of your belongings on a high temperature and leaving any empty luggage in a garage or outside until it can be thoroughly inspected  will take care of any insects that may have potentially come back with you. If you are suspicious of any luggage, our professionals can perform and inspection for you.

    • Wash Clothes on High Temperature
    • Leave Luggage Outside or in a Garage
    • Inspect Luggage, Linens, Clothes etc for Bed Bugs


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