Pest Control With Cats (Triangle Exterminators)

September 3, 2020

Many homeowners now are also pet lovers. Some have dogs, while some have cats. They help reduce our stress level, loneliness, and depression by giving us companionship. They make our household more happy, lively, and exciting because of their playfulness and sweetness that no one can resist. But, what if your stress-free life with them at home becomes worrisome because of pests?

Chemical pesticides will undoubtedly harm cats once they get in contact with these poisonous substances. When pesticides settle on various surfaces around the house, your cat might accidentally ingest some of the poison.

cat scratching at fleas

Pests are undeniably the opposite of pets. These creatures do not make us excited and happy in any way but in fact, give us stress and headache instead. They cause damage to properties, transmit diseases, and even cause psychological effects to human beings. This is why we want to get rid of them as soon as we find out that they have invaded our homes. There are different kinds of household pests that might invade our place. Here are some the most common kind of pests we normally discover at home: 

Common Household Pests

Cockroaches - These annoying creatures love warm places and are attracted to food and water. They invade our homes if they know that there's a food source and it's a good spot for shelter. If there are food leftovers, crumbs, and moisture, you’ll surely find them inside your home in no time.

Mosquitoes - Mosquitoes multiply quickly. If you leave water somewhere for a couple of days, you’ll most likely see mosquitoes flying around after a few days. These creatures are small but terrible because of the many diseases they can transmit to human beings. They are the carriers of the Zika virus, dengue fever, and chikungunya - all life-threatening diseases.

Rats and mice - These creatures have a devastating impact on our household and businesses. They can destroy so many things because it is their habit to chew to stop their incisors from continuously growing. They also bring various diseases like hantavirus, leptospirosis, and many more.

Flies - The presence of flies at home can be very annoying. They keep on flying and buzzing around especially when there is food around. Moreover, they breed in rotten food, garbage, and manure. Transferring from one place to another seems like their hobby. All those dirt they get from filthy places can be transferred over to your food without a doubt.

Ants - Although the presence of ants is known when there are sweets in the corner, they are also attracted to other kinds of food. It’s easy to know when there’s an infestation. We normally see them in the kitchen and walls in the form of the line going somewhere where they store their food.

Fleas and ticks - These creatures can invade your home especially if you have pets. They are completely different kinds of insects but both of them can surely make our pets' lives miserable. If your pets have fleas or ticks, you will usually see them scratching non-stop.

Getting rid of these pests can be challenging especially if you are living with pets like cats. You cannot just use pesticides, put bait and traps anytime. Instead, come up with methods and approaches that will not harm them because just like us, they are living creatures too.  Just so you know, there are pest control methods that are harmful to pests and there are some that are pet friendly too! The choice is yours to make. If you are one of those who have fluffy and charming cats at home, here are some tips on how you can do pest control without harming them. 

DIY Pest Control

For a small infestation, do it yourself pest control is a good option that is inexpensive yet effective when done correctly. There are several ways to do it and steps you can take, but this all depends on the kind of pests you are dealing with. For your every step, you can start by cleaning your space. This is an effective way to prevent and simultaneously get rid of whatever kind of pests invading your home. Most pest infestations start if you ignore the very little things that attract pests. Simple things like food crumbs, stagnant water, clutter, and all. 

  • Keeping your house clean and pest free from the outside - Remove stagnant water surrounding your home. Water that is stuck in tires, plant pots, buckets, used bottles, and gutters can be used as mosquitoes breeding sites. If you don’t want mosquitoes, you better check these regularly and make sure there is no standing water so they do not have a place to breed. 

Garbage bins must be kept close all the time. A garbage can with no cover or lid can attract many kinds of pests like flies, cockroaches, mice, and rats. These pests get their food here so don’t let them get inside.

Seal off all holes and gaps which serve as pests’ entry points. You may also keep your doors and windows open because doing so will make them think that you are welcoming them inside. Otherwise, install screens on the windows and doors. If you are a person who loves plants, this will benefit you too because there are many kinds of plants that serve as natural pests or insect repellents. For example lavender, marigold and chrysanthemums. They do not just make your garden beautiful, they are also the best plants to deter bugs, spider mites, roaches, mosquitoes, Japanese beetles, and many more. You may also plant basil, mint, citronella grass, garlic, etc. Aside from being effective insect repellents, these also add flavor to the food we cook. 

  • Keeping your house clean and pest free on the inside - It is indeed a wonderful feeling to have a clean home. After all, home is where we go after a long day. It is where we rest and spend time with family with or without occasion. While it may sound challenging, having a clutter-free home is possible. Sometimes because of our busy schedule at work, we forget to take care of our home and to check the things that we no longer need. 

Old magazines, empty bottles, and boxes can be used as pests shelter, especially mice and cockroaches. If we no longer need them, we can just simply dispose of them. A clean kitchen is a must too.

A single drop of sauce or small crumbs can immediately attract ants, flies, roaches, and rodents. So, make sure to wipe the table, stove, and countertop whenever you're done eating or cooking. Wash your dirty dishes too. If there is unfinished food, cover or put it inside the fridge. 

Foods such as chips, cookies, and nuts should also be secured in a covered or airtight container instead of plastic wrapper or boxes as rodents can easily chew the packaging. Dispose of your garbage regularly and never let it overflow.

Cockroaches love moisture, and the leaking pipes in your bathroom or under the sink are their favorite spots. It is best to have them repaired as soon as possible. Regularly vacuum your floors, couch, and carpet. This will help us prevent having bed bugs or ticks and fleas. Lastly, if you are living with pets, keep them clean too so we can prevent them from having ticks and fleas. You don’t need to bathe a cat as they clean themselves on their own. Though, keeping their space and bed clean is your responsibility as the owner.  

  • Bait and traps - Although this is not an advisable approach when you are leaving with pets, you can still do this with proper care and caution. When putting bait and placing traps, make sure it is somewhere that is not reachable to your cat. Otherwise, they might get caught in the trap you created or might ingest the bait you specifically put for pests.

  • Using pesticides or repellents - Most people rely on insect sprays when there are annoying creatures in their home like flies, mosquitoes, ants, or roaches. So far, we have found this as one of the most effective yet affordable, effortless, and time-efficient approaches to get rid of pests. Simply go to the store, look for a spray, and use it when you get home to solve your problem. But, when you have cats, you must be very cautious. If possible, bring them outside before you start spraying. You can also look for pet-friendly pesticides for worry-free DIY pest control.

Pest Control With The Help Of Professionals

If you want hassle-free and worry-free pest control, there’s no better way than hiring professionals and letting them do the job for you.  Finding the best pest control management is important if you want to completely eradicate these troublesome pests in your home safely and efficiently. For your pest control needs, trust only the best pest control experts in the Triangle area: Go-Forth Pest Control.

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