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August 11, 2020

When we say pests, we are talking about different kinds of creatures. They can be rodents, fleas, cockroaches, ants, flies, bedbugs, and many more. According to studies, there are millions of species of insects or pests in the world. Some of them are harmful to human beings while some are not.

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As a home or business owner, what is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear about pests? For many people, there is only one word to describe pests: NUISANCE.

Pests are carriers of different kinds of diseases, as well as creatures that cause damage to growing crops, livestock, and some properties. This is the reason why people want to immediately get rid of pests as soon as they find out that there is an infestation in their place. 

Kinds Of Pest Control: 

Pest control varies on the kind of creature you are dealing with. A method effective in killing rodents may not work with cockroaches. So it is important to identify the kind of pest you will have to deal with before taking any actions and spending time and money. Before anything else, start by making sure you do not invite them into your home. Most pests are attracted to food and water and you sure have both inside your home. Keeping your house sanitary and clean, especially the kitchen area, storing your food in airtight containers, removing water sources, and disposing of your garbage regularly will deter most pests and insects. It also helps to seal off cracks and holes. So they do not have any means of getting inside your property. 

1. CHEMICAL PEST CONTROL - Chemical pesticides are used to control the number of pests or to eliminate them. This includes poisonous substances that are harmful to both humans and animals. There are pesticides and repellents you can purchase over the counter. This is for those who would like to do pest control on their own. However, instead of doing the task alone, it is more advisable to let a professional use these kinds of pesticides. Because of the given the harmful effects, it can bring to one’s health. Pest control technicians are well trained in this kind of field. They are knowledgeable and experienced enough to use powerful chemicals in getting rid of these pesky creatures. 

2. PEST CONTROL WITHOUT CHEMICALS - Nowadays, people rely so much on the internet and the first thing they do is search for DIY pest control online. For those who do not want to go with toxic methods, they go with the natural way of getting rid of pests. DIY baits and traps and natural repellents are the most common types of natural pest control available. You will be surprised to know that the things you see in your kitchen or plants you have in your backyard are effective in getting rid of pests. To give you an idea, here are some examples of natural pest control for common household pests. Note that these are just some of them and there are still a lot of pests to tackle in reality. 

Common Pests At Home

Rats And Mice

Getting rid of these creatures is not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience, effort, and sometimes, money. There are some who don't like using chemicals and pesticides. If you are among them, don't worry. There are low-impact approaches or natural ways you can try to get rid of them. Rats are susceptible to certain odors. Look at your kitchen. You have onions and pepper for sure. Crush some and place it in areas where you spot them. Citronella, castor, and peppermint oil is a useful tool too. If you want rats and mice to stay away, soak a cotton ball into any of these oils. Spread on the area where you suspect rats and mice and they will surely leave. Having a cat in your home can also do the trick. As we all know, Tom and Jerry are mortal enemies and this is true in real life too! If you have a pet cat at home or even a dog, there are fewer chances rats and mice will invade your home. 


Using insect sprays is by far one of the most effective and easiest methods to kill cockroaches but these insect sprays, although can be bought over the counter and used by non-professionals, contain chemicals. If you are looking for something that doesn’t involve toxic ingredients, your first option is to use sticky traps. This is actually one of the most clever ideas I have discovered so far. I can attest they are effective enough to kill not just cockroaches but also other pests such as rodents, flies, lizards, and many more. Just place it in the corner of your home and wait for the pest to crawl or land in. Be careful when using this piece of paper though. It’s very sticky and can also be stuck in your feet or your pet’s skin. If you have cats or dogs in the house, make sure not to place it in areas where your fur babies go. 


Mosquitoes are small but terrible creatures. They have the ability to transmit different diseases such as malaria, chikungunya, and dengue - all are life-threatening, so it’s important to get rid of them as soon as we can. Making sure you remove stagnant water around your house, for example, stock water in plant pots, tires, and pipes and keeping your windows and doors closed are your first steps to prevent mosquitoes from harming your family. You can also use plants to shoo these mosquitoes away. Marigold and lavender, for example, does not only add attraction and beauty to your garden, but it also repels mosquitoes. You can also use basil, citronella, and lemon balm. The fragrance from these plants keeps mosquitoes away so you can choose to place them in possible entry points like close to windows and doors.  

Other Pests To Encounter


Flies are one of the most hated pests by many. The fact that they breed in the garbage and rotten food and transfer from one place to another then land in your food really make people sick. Imagine all the diseases they can transmit. You can get rid of these annoying insects without using pesticides or harmful insect sprays. Just like with mosquitoes, we can use plants to keep these annoying, buzzing flies away. Rosemary, marigold, venus flytrap, sweet woodruff, and lavender are just some of the plants you can have to keep them away. Aside from these, you may also use a fan. Fans would not get rid of flies 100% but they sure help to reduce the number of flies getting around. A sticky trap or tape also helps catch flies. You can place it in the windows so they would not be able to enter inside.

Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs is a nightmare for homeowners. These pests spread quickly and they can transfer from one place to another before you know it. They are active at night and attack you by sucking your blood while you are asleep. If you suspect bed bugs infestation, then you must take action immediately. There are some home remedies to get rid of bed bugs. You may start by vacuuming your carpet, couch, or bed. Doing this will help you capture bed bugs but be sure to remove them from the vacuum when you are done. Dispose of the vacuum bag properly as bed bugs to completely get rid of them. Baking soda or rubbing alcohol also helps kill bugs. They help dehydrate the bedbug's skin and instantly kill them.


Ants are small annoying creatures that can be seen almost everywhere. They are attracted to any kind of food so you will surely spot them mostly in your kitchen area. It’s easy to get rid of them though and the things you need to shoo them away can also be found in your kitchen. Lemon or orange mist can be used to keep them away. Simply place the lemon peeling on the spot where you see ants or make a mist that can be used as a spray and they will surely stay away. Alternatively, you can also use salt, pepper, or cinnamon. Just sprinkle a small amount of these where ants are heading to so they would lose their way.  

Go-Forth Pest Control 

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