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April 20, 2020

Do you hate contracts? Especially long-term ones wherein you have no choice but to stick to a company that is not performing up to standards? Well, if it is any comfort, you are not alone. Many people hate having to be tied up to one company for such a long time. Unless there are easy opt-out options, contracts are very limiting and take away the freedom to choose.

Of course, it IS your choice as to whom to sign up with, because we believe that first impressions last. Maybe it does for some people, but from a business perspective, companies always know the importance of putting their best foot forward. The bad news for consumers like us is that a lot of times, first impressions are just that, first impressions.

This is true with gym memberships, cable, phone, and internet services, and many others. The thing is, Gastonia insect exterminators are no exemption.

Maybe you are burned out by signing long-term contracts, only to find out that the company’s services are inferior.

The truth is, dear reader, that it only takes one trip to your house to apply pesticides to solve the problem. That is what a good pest control company does.

Contracts have some advantages though, as long as you choose the right company very carefully. So let us weigh them in. We will discuss them in a little while.

Pest Control With Contracts

Contracts being offered by pest control companies can be confusing at times, especially to those who are going to use their services for the first time.

Pest control companies offer services that take care of certain types of pests that include spiders, rats, mice, and ants. Typically, contracts for these services last for a full year, with the initial treatment being a thorough one inside the house as well as outside of it. They will apply pesticides, seal off cracks, crevices, and other possible entry points, and apply gels. They may also treat your yard if you have one.

After the initial treatment, the technicians, as they are called, may come back on a monthly or quarterly basis. This time, their focus will be on the exterior perimeter of your house. That is if they do not find any interior problems.

If your problem is a termite infestation, pest control companies do it differently. Actions that would be taken will be specific. Termite infestation should be treated differently because of the damage these insects can cause. They are also difficult to track because they are hidden, which is the reason they are called the “silent terminators." Termite control contracts must identify the type of termites they are targeting after the initial inspection and which part of the house they would be focusing on. They should also tell you whether the treatment is simply preventative, or corrective and preventative. Last, the contract should state their methods to be used and for the duration.

Before signing the contract, read carefully, and ask questions. Always remember that you are committing long-term and it would take a while before you can get out of it.

Problems People Encounter With Entering Into Contracts With A Pest Control Company

Not everything runs smoothly with pest control services, especially if you do not pick the right company. Plenty of horror stories go around.

Some pest control companies, to get more sales, will probably not lie to you, but rather they would not tell you everything. So the solution to this is that you will have to ask tons of questions for you to flesh out the whole story.

In a perfect world, everything runs smoothly. But then again, the expectations are pretty much different from reality in most cases. 

Here are some horror stories encountered by household owners:

  • Pest control companies claim to have “no hassle," but several people report being hassled. There was one time when a customer from California had ants all over the house, so she called one of the biggest pest control companies which we would rather not name (not Go-Forth Pest Control). The technicians came to her home for treatment, plus two more subsequent trips, but to the customer’s dismay, the ants never disappeared. The pest control never came back, according to the customer, adding to her frustration. Though eventually, the company said they went back a couple of times but the customer was not home. The damage has been done.  

  • There is no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to ants, so it is important that technicians correctly identify the type of ants a customer has.  Carpenter ants, fire ants, pharaoh ants, or whatever type you have, they are not just a nuisance but can cause severe damage to property and health. The thing is, most technicians have trouble identifying which is which. A fellow from Memphis had ant infestation problems several years ago and had a professional exterminator come over to solve the problem. The technicians sprayed pesticides on the affected areas and left. However, instead of getting rid of the ants, they multiplied. Upon research, the customer found out that certain types of ants change their dietary habits frequently. So he went out and bought his pesticide from the grocery and used them on the ants, and soon after, the ants were gone. He also found out that what he had were Pharaoh ants.

  • A survey done by a pest control technology magazine shows that almost half of pest control companies have unqualified technicians, or at least, lack those who are qualified. This results in these companies not growing. But there are far more consequences than these companies not growing; it means customers get caught in the crossfire between unlicensed pest control technicians and dangerous pests. Technicians are not as well-trained and highly skilled as they should be. They also do not have the necessary experience to make them an expert in their field. Be careful in entering into contracts with them.

  • A family in Coloma, Michigan contacted another one of the biggest pest control companies in the country (again not Go-Forth Pest Control). The company applied 160,000 gallons of pesticides, and the effects were disastrous not just for the pests, but for the customer’s daughter too. The young girl had a case of vomiting and diarrhea and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Thus, before signing a contract, check for the safety of the pesticides they will use.

These are just a few of the horror stories that have been reported concerning pest control services.

At Go-Forth Pest Control, we understand how painful it is to be stuck long term with a company with inferior services. We have built our reputation over the years, having been founded in 1959 and have earned the trust of residents and businesses in the Charlotte, NC region.

Find out why we are the best pest control experts in Gastonia.

We offer long-term contracts and will send you highly skilled and well-trained technicians, all licensed to do the dirty work. We utilize the only family-friendly and pet-friendly methods so you can be sure of your family’s safety. The equipment we use is the latest and most advanced in the business.  And we are licensed by the National Pest Management Association.

We also offer “no contract” services.  Find out more about it here. 

Why Use Go-Forth Pest Control’s No Contract?

Go-Forth Pest Control, the leading pest control in the city of Gastonia, is excited to offer homeowners its “No Contract” pest control services.   If you have pest control problems involving cockroaches, rats, mice, weevils, spiders, and bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies, moths, and gnats, this service might be perfect for you.

A “no contract” service is normally what people who would be moving out soon and sell their old home would use in compliance with most state laws.  Aside from complying with the law, pests bring down the value of a house regardless of how big and beautiful it is, so homeowners naturally would want to get the best price they could get.

Termites and other wood-boring insects are the types of pests you should watch out for. Wood Destroying Insect Report is usually required before they push through with the sale. Go-Forth Pest Control can help in inspecting your home and provide you with the necessary reports to help you push through with the sale. Only professional licensed termite exterminators can create such reports. Keep in mind that the Wood Destroying Insect Report does not make any recommendations; it would only say if there are insects in your house or none.

So if you are moving out of your house and need treatment for pests, then a No Contract service is for you.

But your purpose is to get rid of pests in the long term, you may find that a contract would be beneficial to you and is highly recommended for the protection of both parties involved.

For more information, just give us a ring.

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