Pest Control Without Smell (Thomasville Exterminators)

March 11, 2020

Pest control will always be the choice of everyone when it comes to eliminating pests. It is the process wherein pests are eliminated using different pest control methods and are performed by trusted pest experts like Go Forth Pest Control's Thomasville exterminators. Pest management should always be handled by professionals because pests are not easy enemies.

Pests can cause a lot of problems in your property and if you don’t do any pest control, you are the one to suffer because you and your family are the ones who’ll experience the effects of pests. Your property will also show what pests do because your house will receive all the damage done by your enemies.

Everyone is aware of what pests can do to properties so having them around will not make you at ease and will always put you in a panic state. Because of this, you may develop fears, anxieties, and more due to the effects of the pest. With this, it is always best to seek help from your local pest control company to help you out.

In pest control, several treatments are applied. Some prefer to use pesticides while others want to have natural methods. But, some owners would want pest control without smell. Is this possible? Since we know that most sprays whether chemical-based or naturally done always have a smell.

If you want pest control that doesn’t emit a smell, don’t worry because we got you covered! Here are the ways on how you can control pests smell-free:

Sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth

If you want pest control without smell, then sprinkling diatomaceous earth (DE) is another way you can do to control vermin in your property. Diatomaceous earth is very famous even to Thomasville area exterminators because of its great ability in eliminating pests of all kinds. DE for some is a powder made from fossilized algae and can get rid of any pest that you have at home. Diatomaceous earth is very effective because it can remove all the fluids found in the bodies of pests. That’s why, you have to sprinkle diatomaceous earth directly on the pest, where they hang out, or where they nest so that you can get rid of them successfully.

Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, spiders, fleas, and more are some of the pests that DE can eliminate in an instant. Once pests get in contact with the powder, they’ll immediately slow down since the powder is sipping all the fluids in their bodies that’s why they will die of dehydration, and eventually, you’ll see them dead. Diatomaceous earth doesn’t have a smell so it is good for you but when using it, make sure to use the food-grade one and wear a mask to avoid inhaling the powder which is harmful to your respiratory.

Spraying Soapy Water

Pests like ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more are some of the pesky pests you’ll experience at home. They can bite you, ruin your home, and even affect your whole property. If you want to control pesky vermin at home without smell, then soapy water is a good remedy. Mixing water and liquid dishwashing soap can do great on pests. You can use the mixture as a spray so when ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more are around, spray it directly on pests and they’ll run away. Soapy water can also kill pests like cockroaches.

Having this mixture ready anytime will help you a lot because you can easily apply it and it will not release any smell. However, we know how pests can spread quickly, and if you weren’t able to control them early, it can lead to infestations and that’s the time you need the expertise of an exterminators near you.

Maintaining Cleanliness

A clean home is always good because it will give you a safe and healthy environment always. Keep in mind that pests love filthy places and if your home is one, then a chance of seeing them is high. But, a clean home does not mean that pests will be killed but you can control them without smell. Maintaining a clean home regularly will help you lessen the presence of pests in your area. You should always sweep, mop, and wipe floors, tables, and more so that food sources will be removed. Vacuum your place as well so that you can remove hiding pests, eggs, and larvae. Vacuum furniture, upholstery, surfaces, and more so that no pest will be left behind.

Even the piles of papers, boxes, newspapers, and more should be removed so that pests will not have a place to hide. Piles of wood as well to avoid attracting termites into your home. Your trash cans should have lids and tightly covered to prevent pests from rummaging into your trash bins since they need to look for food sources. When you remove everything that attracts pests, you’ll be able to have a pest-free home and take note, you made it without smell. But of course, when your pest problems are getting out of hand, Go-Forth Pest Control are the ones to call.

Removing Moisture & Food Sources

Aside from finding shelter, pests come into your home because they are looking as well for food and moisture. We, humans, need food and water to survive and it also applies to pests like cockroaches, ants, termites, rodents, flies, and more. Pests will look for your kitchen and pantry where foods are available. First, they will look for food crumbs and residues on tables, countertops, floors, and more. When they can’t find any or their numbers have already gotten high, that’s the time they will infiltrate your food storages. If you want to avoid food contamination, you must use airtight containers that are capable of keeping your food safe. You can also use glass jars so that pests will not be able to crawl up since the surface is slippery.

Another thing is, you have to get rid of moisture in your place so you have to check for humidity around. Your sink, bathroom, yard, gutters, drains, and more should be cleaned and dry so that moisture will not build-up. The more you keep your home moisture-free, the better because pests will not be easily attracted to your home. You can get rid of pests without smell, right! But, if you have done it yet pests are still around, that’s the time that you need help from Go-Forth Pest Control's Thomasville, NC exterminators.

Setting Traps & Baits

Pests are unstoppable once they find the home to infest. That’s why, homeowners are alarmed whenever they see pests and with this, they turn to pest control. If you want a pest control without smell, you can include setting traps and baits in the list. Baits and traps sometimes don’t have smell because you will use natural ingredients that don’t have a strong smell.

Boric acid is a good bait and trap because it can kill pests like cockroaches. You have to place the bait in an area where pests can easily access the bait. When boric acid is carried by pests back into their nests, other members will die as well. You can as well make a mixture of baking soda with sugar to lure pests. The sugar will serve as an attractant while the baking soda will be the killing agent. Traps and baits are helpful and don’t emit smell so it is good for you.

Here you go! These are pest control ways you can do without smell that can help in getting rid of pests in your property. The more you practice these, the better results you’ll get. Make sure that whenever you do pest control, you know what you’re doing. Nevertheless, when your home is heavily suffering from pests, Go-Forth Pest Control should be hired for better solutions.

Trusted Pest Control Company Near You

Pests are pesky and if you don’t remove them, you will feel uncomfortable at all times. To avoid this, what you need is a trusted pest control company near you and that’s Go-Forth Pest Control.

Go-Forth Pest Control is a pest control company that can help you with your pest problems no matter how severe it gets. The company has more than 50 years of experience and because of this, they are more than capable of eliminating your pest worries in no time.

Go-Forth Pest Control is well-known to everyone since they have the best pest technicians who are highly skilled, professional, licensed, and expert. Their team is well-trained in handling and applying pesticides so that no harm will be imposed on you, your family, and pets. The company assures that your pest problems are removed without putting you in great danger.

With the company’s long experience, your way to a pest-free home will never be far from happening. Go-Forth Pest Control guarantees that human, environment, and pet-friendly extermination methods and treatments are applied so that you will not worry about anything and will always be at ease.

When you need help in treating your pest problems, Go-Forth Pest Control is the one you need. Call them now at 1-800-841-6113 and you’ll be able to experience high-quality pest control in North Carolina! 

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