Pests: More Than Just A Nuisance (Lewisville Exterminators)

July 16, 2020

When pests begin to attack your home, it would seem like they multiply so quickly. Because of this, they appear uncontrollable and even undefeatable. By the time you realize it, the damage they have caused has become so large. Especially when they have built colonies in your household. A pest infestation can be a big problem, especially that they are more than just a nuisance. But also have detrimental effects on human health as well. If you do not act on the problems sooner, you are setting yourself up for plenty of trouble.

termite damage

Lewisville residents know that pests exist, but not everyone knows the full effects that these insects can have in their lives and simply let them be. Of course, that is not the way to deal with these unwanted guests.

In case you are not aware of the adverse effects of pests, here they are:

1. Damage To Your House

The most obvious destruction that pests cause is damage to your home. Termites, for example, are very destructive. Do you know that these are very cunning creatures? They are blind, but they can still detect the weakest points of a structure and start chewing from there.

The worst part is, they do things silently, and it would often be too late when you see the extent of damage they have caused. This is why they got the name "silent destroyers." When it comes to termites, expect the unexpected. These insects may not look much individually, being so tiny. But small as they are, they can cause billions of dollars in damages.

When buying a house, double-check every aspect of it and make sure that there is minimal damage to save money from maintenance. It is advisable to ask for a Wood Destroying Insect Report, or WDIR, to make sure that the house is free from termites.

If you have a home that is mostly wood, then you better take precautions. Wood is their favorite food. They love the cellulose and other nutrients that can be found in wood. If you are wondering how they are able to digest wood, they do have bacteria and protozoa in their gut that allow them to break down the cellulose fibers found in wood.

Termites can easily build their colonies. When they find a suitable home, they can easily set up shop, live, and reproduce there.

Other pests that can greatly cause house damage are mice, rats, and carpenter ants. Like termites, carpenter ants also chew on wood structures. Carpenter ants are known to cause more destruction than termites. Instead of eating the wood, they just bore holes on them. It is common in Lewisville and other areas in the North and South Carolina. These types of ants hollow out wood, making it brittle and weak. Aside from that, these insects also cause unprovoked painful bites to human beings that should both cross each other's paths.

One of the signs of a carpenter ant infestation is seeing large ants marching in and out of your house. You can spot them in long lines at the pantry and areas where they are looking for food, water, and possible nesting areas.

Rats and mice have incisors that are constantly growing. Because of this, they need to always look for something to chew on to stop their incisors from getting longer each day. This results in gnaw marks in books, boxes, cardboard, walls, gas pipes, and electric wiring; rodents can do more damage than you think. They are also capable of causing house fires.

These are only some of the most common pests that cause damage to our homes. It is important to keep them out of your house. There are effective DIYs you can do to get rid of them, try to look for the best methods, and apply them once you see any signs of infestation.

2. Damage To Crops

Pests are a farmer's worst nightmare as they are capable to damage crops on a large scale. They directly injure plants by eating the leaves, stems, fruits, or roots, denying farmers of their income and the general human population of food. What’s more, they also indirectly cause damage through the transmission of bacterial, viral, or fungal infections to crops.

Signs of crop damage vary depending on the type of insects that feed on the plants. Caterpillars and grasshoppers damage some plants by chewing on them. There are also pests that have piercing-sucking mouthparts with strong mandibles which they move laterally that frequently cause browning or yellowing on plants. Examples of these insects are aphids, spider mites, scales, and whiteflies.

3. Pests Can Trigger Allergies & Asthma

There are pests that are most likely to trigger allergies and asthma. Roaches, bed bugs, rodents, and mosquitoes are common household pests that cause serious allergic reactions in some people. Some also had their asthma worsen. A number of people have experienced an anaphylactic shock from the sting of a wasp and a bee. These cases are mostly due to the pests’ saliva, droppings, shed skins, and other body parts.

Some insects like mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, fire ants, and other stinging or biting insects can cause health risks in people whose immune systems are compromised. People that get sting or bites from these insects suffer from itching, pain, and redness. Not only that, minor swelling around the bitten area occurs as well. The good news is they are most likely to heal on their own. Still, it is best to do some precautionary measures against pests. 

4. They Transmit Deadly Diseases

To humans, pests are high health risks. A lot of these pests are known to carry diseases. Some pests like mosquitoes, fleas, roaches, and rats are disease carriers. They are small but can be very dangerous. Some of the diseases caused by these pests include, but are not limited to, malaria, dengue fever, Lyme disease, and salmonella. These are not just simple diseases; they can be debilitating and life-threatening.

Mosquitoes alone have caused more deaths than all the wars in history combined, and continue to kill millions around the world to this day. They also carry other viruses like the Zika virus which is primarily transmitted by an Aedes mosquito that bites during the day. Symptoms of this disease include fever, headaches, rashes, and muscle and joint pain.

Mosquitoes are also the carriers of the West Nile virus, which can cause neurological diseases including encephalitis meningitis. Unfortunately, most people that are infected with the West Nile virus have no signs or any symptoms, making it hard to detect. That is why it is necessary to keep mosquitoes away by getting rid of things that can attract them. These are things that can hold water for a long time like old cans, old tires, old gutters, water containers, and other similar items.

Rodents, on the other hand, are also known to be carriers of Leptospirosis, a rare and deadly bacterial infection. It can pass to humans who have unhealed wounds or break in the skin and come in contact with soil or water contaminated by rodent urine. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. If not treated, a person may suffer from kidney failure and death.

Cockroaches are not just ugly insects, they are also carriers of bacteria and other viruses that bring Salmonella Typhi, which causes Typhoid fever. Cockroaches can also cause Polio. Dysentery, a disease that results in severe diarrhea and bleeding, is another one.

These are just only a few of the most dangerous pests that are most likely to invade your home. 

What To Do When You Have Pests?

To avoid any of the diseases carried by these pests, you should get rid of these pests when you see any signs of infestation. If it becomes worse, do not hesitate to ask help from the pest control professionals. Pest infestation is certainly alarming especially when there are risks to health.

These pests can be difficult to get rid of, especially when they become widespread in your home. That is why it is important to take precautionary measures.

If you are having problems with a pest infestation at home and are completely overwhelmed by it, then it is time to call for an expert exterminator in Lewisville. You might not be an expert in this, so you will need the assistance of pest control professionals around us. For the best pest control experts in Lewisville, call Go-Forth Pest Control. 

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