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October 7, 2016

Pests present a variety of threats to Charlotte area homeowners, and some of those threats are clearly more important than others. Of course, there are many harmless and, indeed, useful bugs homeowners encounter at different times of the year, and most of them are content to stay outdoors where they are rarely troublesome to residents. However, when insects and other pests migrate indoors, things can rapidly change. That's when it's time to contact a Charlotte pest control expert for advice.


Are All Household Pests Dangerous?

Certainly not, but that doesn't mean you'll want to share your home with them. Pest control professionals monitor seasonal pests to better advise clients on what pests are currently active and will work closely with clients to determine which pests are actually present and evaluate a variety of strategies for eliminating them. Since there are well over 300 types of insects that inhabit the Charlotte area, it's important to fully understand any threat that's present before taking any type of action.

Biting insects are rarely, if ever, welcome additions to a home. Some spider varieties, for example, have bites that can be quite painful. When household members notice bites but don't know how they occurred, it's a good idea to explore where and how those bites may have occurred. A Charlotte exterminator will be able to provide guidance when biting insects are becoming more than a minor annoyance. Health issues can develop when infestations take hold, so taking action before things get out of hand is always recommended.

Is The Zika Virus A Threat?

Because the situation remains fluid, it's difficult to say when, or if, the Zika virus will become a genuine threat in the Charlotte area. Experts will be monitoring the situation and will certainly provide advice to area residences if the virus should be found in the area. While isolated cases may crop up due to unusual circumstances, Charlotte regional residents would be wise to note an uptick in reported cases in the region and contact a Mecklenburg County pest company for advice and recommendations should the virus show up locally.

Safety Isn't Only Related To Health Threats

While biting and stinging insects cause trouble, there are other insect pests that pose threats not directly related to residents' health. Termites are always an issue in the Charlotte area, and homeowners are encouraged to be proactive in their control to prevent serious damage to structures, including homes. Industry experts routinely expect roughly 20 percent of area homes to be affected by termite infestations at some point. Once termites infest a property, remediation can be difficult and costly, so being proactive is certainly worth considering.

The Eastern subterranean termite is the primary culprit in the Charlotte area, and local termite control professionals are well versed in locating termite threats and developing strategies to eradicate them before they cause costly damage to homes. Since termites also attack timber throughout the region, Charlotte pest control experts should also be consulted for advice and help if any signs of infestations appear anywhere on the property. Catching problems early may save valuable trees in yards and significantly reduce the threat of the termites moving from the trees to a family's home.

Don't Forget The Pest Issues Common In Charlotte

Of those three hundred plus varieties of insects commonly found in the Charlotte area, many are content to remain outdoors and take up residence in yards, gardens, and trees. Even if the majority of insects don't really create any damage to landscaped yards, other wreck havoc quickly. That's why creating a plan to minimize threats presented by pests in area yards is strongly recommended. Remember that a lawn's health determines how attractive it is, so eradicating pests that cause harm to landscape elements or spread diseases to pets or family members is vital. It's also important to remember that many of the insects commonly found in yards are actually beneficial. That means working with experts to identify actual threats and dealing effectively with those threats should also consider the protection of beneficial insects.

While differentiating and using species-selective products isn't always easy, it pays to do so whenever possible. The pest control professionals know which treatments to use when targeting specific insects is the goal. Charlotte's climate dictates that some pests will be more prolific than others, and some species will certainly be more difficult than others to eliminate. However, area pest control professionals are well equipped to meet the challenges they're presented with. To obtain help or advice today to keep your family and property safe, contact a local expert now.

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