Roach Control Services In Columbia, SC

March 12, 2018

Many households in Columbia, SC encounter roach infestation. Besides the inconveniences they cause a household, roaches are also destructive and can be a threat to your health since they contaminate your food. Roach control is also known to be pretty challenging since roaches make their nests in various places around the house.

Roach Prevention

Professional exterminators are usually experienced and knowledgeable on the most effective roach control strategies. Hiring their services to assist in getting rid of the roaches is therefore a good way of solving the cockroach problem without much hassle. In as much as a majority of the roach exterminators will handle the entire control procedure, it is your duty as a property owner to see to it that an environment that facilitates smooth operations is created. There are a number of preparations and changes that you will need to make before, during and after the exterminator’s visit.

Before The Treatment

For cockroach exterminators to deliver impeccable pest control services, it is important that they completely understand the infestation they are handling. One way of doing this is through conducting prior inspection of the property. The inspection enables an expert determine every detail they will find essential to the control procedure. Isolating the nests of the roaches is particularly crucial to effectively controlling these bugs. During the inspection, an exterminator will use various means to locate the nests of the roaches that are usually located in various places around the house. You will thus need to create a favorable environment for the exterminator to conduct their inspection without interruptions or interference. Keep your house as it is and avoid spooking the roaches a few days to or on the day of the inspection so their patterns are not altered.

During The Treatment

Roach control is achieved in various ways that include the use of bait and traps. For optimum results, it is important that you ensure the roaches are not attracted to other food sources other than the bait. The two major places that you will need to keep clean during the extermination process is the kitchen and the bathroom. The cabinets and drawers in the bathroom should be emptied of all objects that may attract the roaches. For your kitchen, you will need to keep the counter tops clean, all the pots pans and food items should also be kept in a place the roaches are unable to reach. You should also empty your garbage cans and keep the house free of any item that the roaches may feed on.

After The Treatment

The post-treatment preparations are usually so that the solution lasts longer. This should include measures to prevent a re-invasion and methods of ensuring the control procedure helps in achieving outstanding results. Always keep the house clean and empty garbage cans regularly. Also, if there are any possible entry points, you should ensure that they are either blocked or that you use repellants in the affected areas. By doing this, you will be ensuring that besides being efficient, the roach control procedure offers a long lasting solution.  

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