Rodent Control Methods & Products In Charlotte, NC

February 12, 2018

Those four-legged weapons of destruction have decided to pitch a tent in your home. From nibbling and sawing through wires and wood with their razor-sharp teeth, to littering the house with droppings, to eating your favorite cereal right through its pack. What’s worse? They are a foremost disease vector. If you’re hoping to end this menace, grab a seat and read through to see effective rodent control and extermination methods. You can also call your local pest control to help get rid of your rodent problem.

Rodent Control Methods For The House

First, make your house Rodent-Proof. How?

  1. Thorough Sanitation Rodents thrive well in the dirt. That basement filled with storage boxes and piles of unwanted stuff could be the perfect place for Mr. Rodent to have a cozy bedroom. So, clean up! Clear out debris and anything that could become habitable for the rodents.
  2. Look out for hiding places Rodents are known to have apartments in cracks, or openings. So assess the entire property, roofs, walls, even the floors. Make sure to seal up even the tiniest hole using cement. For larger openings, it is advisable to lay a mesh over the opening before applying cement because rodents, rats specifically can nibble their way through almost anything.
  3. Keep food out of reach Rodents will make for happy neighbors if they always have something to eat. Dispose of leftover food appropriately. Store away grains in airtight, impenetrable containers. Next, Use Rodent Extermination methods. There are a wide variety of extermination methods, and I’ll mention just a few.

Rodent Snap Traps

These Traps are baited and placed at strategic areas in the house. They are preferred for easy disposal of the Trapped vermin. If a trap is your choice, ensure that the bait used to trap rodent, as well as the trap position is varied. Rats are quite smart and once they suspect “foul play,” there goes your hope of ever catching that Vermin.

Rodent Glue

Glue traps are also baited. They are also easy to dispose of. This extermination vice is effective for catching mice and small rats. Big Rats, however, can escape by nibbling through the cardboard or even chewing a limb off.

Rat Poisons

This is a most efficient rodent extermination tool. The venom kills the rodent slowly or instantly depending on the type chosen. There are some which even dry the rodent up, so you don’t have to worry about the stench. If this is your preferred choice, then make sure the bait is replaced whether or not a rodent has eaten it. This will reduce the disease-risks as well as become more effective as Rodents will be more attracted to the fresh bait. However, if you’re experiencing a full-on  infestation, then the methods suggested above might be quite a temporary fix. What can you do? Call your local pest exterminator right away. These exterminator services boast of trained professionals who will do a thorough examination of the house and then employ some fumigation methods to ensure your house is rodent-free.

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