Rodent Control Methods & Products In Raleigh, NC

April 4, 2018

Spring is here and pests are coming out. The pests may have been hiding in your home for the winter, but now they are starting to show their face more in Raleigh, NC. Unwelcome guests such as rats and mice can also break invade your home for food. These rodents carry a wide range of fatal diseases and can contaminate your food and cause allergies. As long as you will take the necessary precaution, pests and rodents can be completely avoided. 

Preventing & Controlling Rodents

The following is what you should do to ensure rodents will not set up their families in your home if you are unable to contact a professional exterminator like Go-Forth Pest Control:

Seal Cracks

Sealing cracks will help prevent pests and rodents from getting inside. Make sure you have fixed all broken pipes that mice can fit in.  

Eliminate Moisture

Pay more attention in your kitchen and bathrooms since they are the most vulnerable rooms to pests and rodents infestation. Fix leaking pipes and avoid clogged drains.

Keep Clean

Wash dishes immediately after use. Pet food and water bowls should be kept in an open area. Also, make sure to clean all surfaces especially in kitchen using antibacterial. Don’t expose food. Instead, keep it in sealed plastic bags. Dispose garbage many times as you can and replace any loose mortal around windows. Trim grass and shrubs where rodents might seek shelter. These are the best tips to control pests and rodents from gaining access to your house.

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