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March 3, 2014

How To Detect Signs Of Termites In Greensboro Homes

Spring is almost here, which means great weather ahead, but it also signals the start of termite season. Termites are known to be most active during warmer months - the warm weather allows them to expand their colonies as well as start new termite colonies. Are you curious if your property is home to a termite infestation? At Go-Forth Pest Control, we want our customers to know the major signs of termites. This way, you can be proactive and call our Greensboro exterminators before the strength and safety of your home is compromised. Termite damage can often leave homes uninhabitable until you find expert pest control services to fix the problem.

There are tell-tale signs to see if your home or business is currently dealing with a termite infestation.

  • Wood that has been hollowed out. Termites do not usually feed on the surface of wood - they prefer to live in dark, humid environments away from the sight of humans. If wood sounds hollow when you tap it, it may be due to termites eating the wood from the inside out.
  • Cracked paint on wood surfaces. Due to the fact that drywood termites can squeeze through openings smaller than the thickness of a dime, it is a good idea to keep a lookout near any vents, windows or cracks in your home’s foundation or roof siding.
  • Mud tubes on walls. One of the more visible clues of a termite infestation is mud tubes on surfaces of your home’s foundation. Subterranean termites build these to provide a moist environment while they are searching for food. We recommend that you store any wood products, such as firewood, away from your home to avoid creating a moisture-rich environment for termites.
  • Swarms of winged insects. If you notice a group of winged insects or discarded wings, it may be reproductive termites who are taking flight to create new termite colonies.
  • Termite droppings. If you are noticing wood-colored droppings around your home’s foundation, you may have termites. As drywood termites eat their way through wood, they leave behind droppings called frass. To prevent termites from habitating in your home, keep your gutters, downspouts and crawl spaces free of any clutter or debris.

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