Silverfish Control Doesn't Have To Be A Headache For Virginia Beach Homeowners

January 29, 2024

What are some things in life that give you a headache? Some people cannot stand living near a train track. Others hate things like the smell of skunk or the sound of scraping ice. One thing that we cannot stand is silverfish. These bugs are common here in Virginia Beach and cause a fair amount of trouble for homeowners.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent silverfish inside your Virginia Beach home and why they are a problem locally. Call Go-Forth Pest Control if you see these bugs indoors and want them gone ASAP. We will send a technician your way and show you what silverfish pest control in Virginia Beach is supposed to look like.


silverfish on white wool

Unveiling The Silverfish: A Close Look At These Pests

There is a chance that you have seen a silverfish before. This bug is about ¾” long, silver or brown in color, and has six legs, two antennae, and three bristle-like tails that protrude from its rear. Known for its fish-like shape, you can find this pest inside many local homes. They can be difficult to see due to their lighter color and tend to blend in with furniture, carpets, and other areas.

If you think these bugs are inside your home, let us know. We will pay you a visit and help you determine if there are silverfish in your house. Talk with our team today to schedule an inspection for your Virginia Beach home.

How Worried Should I Be About Silverfish In My House?

The good news about silverfish is that these pests are not dangerous. They do not spread any harmful forms of bacteria and are not known to bite. These bugs are, however, destructive. They love to nibble on clothing and other fabrics indoors. They can also stain items with their fecal droppings.

Our recommendation is to invest in some form of silverfish treatment to keep these bugs away. Let’s talk more about your professional options to combat these pests and some methods you have to prevent these bugs before they get indoors.

Professional Silverfish Extermination: When To Call In The Experts

When you allow silverfish to roam freely inside homes, they cause problems, plain and simple. If you would like to avoid the problems that come with these bugs, your best option is to turn to our team at Go-Forth Pest Control.

We are pest control experts who love assisting locals with their pest troubles. Let us pay you a visit to identify what pests you are dealing with and offer a quick and effective solution to get them out. Call us today for more details about our silverfish control or to make an appointment for your Virginia Beach home.

How Do I Prevent Silverfish From Coming Back?

Although professional silverfish control is the best way to avoid an infestation long-term, there are other options to help you prevent these pests. Here are some DIY exclusion and prevention tips that you can use to keep these bugs away.

  • Reduce moisture inside and around your home.
  • Store fabric-based items inside tightly sealed plastic totes if you are not using them.
  • Keep your home clean, and vacuum your floors regularly.
  • Seal gaps, holes, and other potential entry points in your home’s exterior.
  • Make sure your doors and windows have proper seals and are in good working condition.

Call our team at Go-Forth Pest Control to learn more about silverfish extermination near you and find out what services we have to offer to get and keep these pests out of your Virginia Beach home.


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