Stink Bug Season

September 26, 2016

The stink bug was actually introduced to the United States by mistake. It hitched a ride over here in some packing crates from China or Japan to proliferate our country with an unpleasant stench. Speaking of, ever wondered why a stink bug smells so bad? We'll dive into a few interesting details about the stink bug.

The Facts About Stink Bugs

With the close of September comes the beginning of Fall, bringing with it color changes, cooler temperatures, and unfortunately, insects. As the climate begins to shift across the state, bugs begin to seek refuge underground, in trees, and in your homes, in search of food and warmth. Mosquitoes that plagued you during balmy Summer days give way to a new, invasive pest...the stink bug.

When threatened, or even moved too vigorously, the stink bug will release the odor through holes in its abdomen. It's a defense mechanism, developed to help keep them from being eaten by birds or lizards. Some entomologists have likened the smell to coriander, or more popularly known as cilantro. Even though they are virtually harmless, stink bugs are an extreme annoyance because of their obvious odor and the rapidness at which they seem to overtake a dwelling. Female stink bugs are capable of laying hundreds of eggs during her lifetime and these eggs only need about 35 days to reach adulthood. No thank you. While our preventative pest control services will help keep your home fragrant and pest-free, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in the meantime.  

  1. If you should encounter a stray stink bug: do not squish it. This will only cause it to release its defensive odor and make your hand, shoe, or home smell terrible. Instead, try to knock the bug into a container of soapy water. The soap inhibits the insect from flying away and the soap will neutralize any odor that may occur.
  2. Vacuuming up a stink bug is another effective means of removal. This is especially effective if your vacuum has a removable bag or container that can immediately be disposed of outside your home.
  3. The last method of stink bug removal is the most common, the mad dash to the toilet to flush it away. The only problem with this scenario, is that you risk coming into direct contact with, or squishing, the bug during transport.

We hope you have a safe, stink bug free remainder of your September!

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