Termite Baits Vs. Liquid-Only Treatment

March 19, 2014

Our Greensboro pest control company prefers to use termite baits over liquid-only treatments as our primary form of termite control. Termite baiting is different than liquid treatments in that tiny amounts of insecticide are put out as “food” to knock out whole populations of termites living around the structure. Termites consume the bait and then share it with their nest, which will annihilate the entire colony, by killing the queen.

Why You Should Use Termite Baits As A Solution For Your Termite Infestation

At Go-Forth Pest Control, we want to provide homeowners and business owners with the best possible termite control solutions for properties in the Triad area. Our Greensboro termite baits offer the following advantages that liquid-only treatments cannot:

  • Colony-wide effects. Termites socially exchange their food, which is how the whole population becomes infected with insecticide from termite baits. Termites are not confined to one site - they move between numerous sites during short periods of time, which in turn destroys every termite site in their path.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Unlike liquid treatments, termite baits use small amounts of chemical and decrease the possibility of contaminating the environment.
  • Multi-purpose. Liquid treatment can only be applied to wet soil surrounding a structure. Termite baits can be used in multiple structures including wells, heating ducts and other areas that may be infested with termites.
  • Less noisy. When termite baits are placed around and in your property, there is little disruptive noise, compared to the noise that comes from liquid soil treatments.

Want to learn more about our termite control solutions or have answers about termite baits? Don’t hesitate to contact Go-Forth Pest Control today at (336) 841-6111. Our Greensboro termite control experts would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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