Termite Control Services In Winston-Salem, NC

August 6, 2018

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is inherently a heavily forested and wooded area. Being the perfect combination of busy city and quiet suburbia, many varying pests pose potential threat to your home or business' property. One major pest that creates a threat to your building's structure in it's entirety are termites.

Termite Management Made Simple! 

Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage, leaving you wishing you'd chosen to contact your local pest control service sooner rather than later. The following information advises you of the havoc that termites wreak, and why you should call your local pest control company immediately upon the discovery of a possible termite infestation.  

Don’t Let Them Destroy Your Woodwork

Termites can be useful because they have the ability to recycle dead and fallen trees, but once they are in your home, they are a destructive force that you cannot afford to accept residency of. The first sign of an infestation are when the termites begin swarming. Swarming is the process in which the small black insects, called "termite swarmers", start looking for the male partner to reproduce. If you happen to see these black insects moving outside or around your property, it is time for suspicion to arise and for you to be cautious of termites.

You should contact your local pest control services for termites as soon as you notice the first signs. Termites are very dangerous for your property because you do not encounter them until it is too late. They begin eating the wood from the inside working outward, so you do not spot them when they are initially destroying your home or business.  

Termite Inspection

Upon seeing the first signs of termites, you should call your local pest control services for a thorough termite inspection. Professionals can inspect the area and inform you of how serious the infestation is. They will check all possible places of termite inhabitants and find out if they are in fact consuming and damaging your property. Areas in the wood, crevices and small holes where wires and other things are located, are some places where termites are likely to burrow into your wood.

Even when you are moving into a new house or purchasing new property, it is wise to have an inspection completed by a professional. A full inspection can ascertain how much termite is potentially in your wood. Termite colonies typically consist of queens, workers, soldiers and reproductive members. They are very cooperative when it comes to the protection of their colony and eggs. With sufficient food and no disturbance, a colony can reach a size of about a million termites.  

Elimination Of Termites

The elimination of termites can be done in two ways. One is the structural eradication, and the other is localized control. For the structural eradication, the entire building is covered with a tent, then fumigation or heat treatment is performed. Pest control services for termites will ask that you, your pets and your plants be out of the house during this time.

The second extermination method is called localized control, where extreme cold or heat, pesticides, electric current or microwave energy or a combination of any of these, is used to remove the termites. Depending on your choice of pest control services for termites, they will determine what method to utilize depending on the severity of the situation.

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