The Health Hazards Of Having Pests In Your Home

January 15, 2019

Having a healthy home means that your family is safe from any illness. However, once pests infiltrate your humble abode, your chance of acquiring infections becomes high. Pests might be silent when they attack your house but the hazard it brings to your health should not be ignored.

Whether you live alone or with your family, pest control should be done to minimize health risks. No matter how big or small your home is, better get rid of pests before it harms your health. Unbelievable, right? However, you might start believing that those pests you see at home can be the reason of your weak health once you know the hazards it brings to your body. Let’s get to know them!

Dengue, Malaria, & West Nile Virus

Mosquitoes can be small but are deadly. It brings diseases like dengue, malaria, and West Nile virus which can lead to fatality if not treated immediately. A mosquito bite can lead to getting a fever which affects the other parts of your body.

Lyme Disease

If you have pets at home, have it cleaned regularly because it has ticks which can be a cause of Lyme disease. You might acquire this illness once you get bitten by these pests. Once you are bitten, you can have a skin rash which can last up to a month. Some of the symptoms are joint pains, facial paralysis, heart palpitations, and headaches.


Flies carry cholera which is a disease that you can get. If your house is filthy and has poor sanitation, except that the bacteria this pest carries will infect your home. Worse, you might ingest it which can poison your small intestine. Vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle cramps are typical symptoms of cholera.


A person does not only acquire asthma due to dust, but pests can also cause asthma attacks if not eliminated. Bed bugs, dust mites, cockroaches, and rodents are the typical pests that can trigger this illness. Once you have contact and breathe with the saliva and shedding parts, it can cause allergic reactions, and your respiratory system is affected.

E. Coli & Salmonella

Rodents and cockroaches are one of the main carriers of these diseases. It can poison you once it contacted the food you eat. Don’t hold any dropping which is infected by these pests to avoid acquiring the diseases.

Leptospirosis & Hantavirus

Rodents are behind these illnesses. The urine and droppings of this pest are the main source of these diseases which can greatly affect your respiratory system, liver, and brain. If not treated immediately, it can cause death which is devastating.

Here you go! These are the health hazards that you and your family can acquire if you don’t quickly eliminate the pests around your house. If you want to achieve a healthier and cleaner home and is looking for an affordable pest control service in Wake Forest, Go-Forth Pest Control is always ready to heed to yo

ur needs and grant your requests!

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