The Truth About Mosquitoes In Greensboro

August 8, 2022

North Carolina mosquitoes can be a massive nightmare for pest control in Greensboro. There’s just so little you can do to block them from entering your property physically. They can fly, and they’re so tiny they can sometimes fit through the weave in porch screens – not to mention the most minuscule tears. Keeping them away can be a lot harder than keeping away other, more significant pests. But it would help if you still took anti-mosquito measures. The consequences if you don’t can be dire.

mosquito biting skin

How To Identify Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites can resemble other bites, like fleas and ticks or even bed bugs. However, there are a couple of ways to distinguish these bites from the pack. One big way to tell is the pattern of the bites. Mosquito bites won’t appear in any discernable pattern. Flea bites will be concentrated around your ankles and lower legs. 

Bed bug bites will come in clusters or lines where your body contacts the bed. Tick bites will often be in nooks and crannies of your body, like armpits or the groin area. Meanwhile, mosquito bites will just be located wherever you have bare skin. They’re typically not clustered and appear randomly all over the body.

Four Things Attracting Mosquitoes To Your Property

Mosquitoes are attracted to four basic things on your property: food, breeding sites, shelter, and protein sources. You might be surprised to learn mosquitoes don’t use blood as a primary food source when it comes to food. The primary food source for most mosquito varieties is nectar. If you have flowers high in nectar on your property, they could attract mosquitoes in spades. 

Another thing making it harder to get rid of mosquitoes on your property is breeding sites. Most mosquitoes breed in standing water, though some can produce in moist soil. So it’s important to avoid offering easy access to these sites. 

Mosquitoes will also be attracted to shelter from the sun. They cannot survive in direct sunlight, so they have to find sources of deep shade during the day. Thick trees and shrubs, sheds, barns, and anywhere else that offers dark, the cool shade will do.

Finally, you might be attracting mosquitoes – or at least – the smell of your blood. Mosquito females have to feed on blood when they’re ready to lay their eggs. So if you spend a lot of time outside or have pets that do, mosquitoes will smell your blood.

Mosquito Prevention Tips Everyone Ought To Know

There are plenty of natural ways to repel mosquitoes. One of the best ways is to get rid of all standing water on your property and as many sources of shade as possible. That way, mosquitoes will have nowhere to lay their eggs and nowhere to shelter during the day, encouraging them to move on. 

Planting flowers and herbs for mosquito prevention can also help. Mosquitoes hate the smell of citronella and everything in the mint family, including rosemary, lavender, sage, catnip, and more.

Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control

Of course, you can’t control every factor that could attract mosquitoes to your property. For example, if you live near a waterway, there’s nothing you can do to reduce mosquito breeding sites. That’s what we’re here for at Go-Forth Pest Control. We can help you take your mosquito control efforts to the next level and eliminate these pesky pests even if they’re breeding nearby. So call or click to get started with your professional mosquito inspection today!

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